Festive Heads with Runescape Game Cards

Christmas has come early for game card users this year - redeeming pre-paid cards between Thursday December 12th and Tuesday December 31st (inclusive) can get you some fantastic festive headwear!

Redeem a green RuneScape game card ($10US/£7.50/€7.50/$15AUD) and you’ll bag yourself the Christmas pudding head: a fiery face-adornment inspired by the classic English Yuletide dessert.

Redeem a red game card ($25US/£20/€20/$40AUD) and you’ll receive not only the Christmas pudding head, but also the festively frosty snowman head!

This Christmas-themed headgear is available now, so grab yours and get into the festive spirit!

To find your nearest game card retailer, head over to our store locator page.

Both of these festive headpieces are also available for Runescape Gold Premier Club members - look out for them in your Wardrobe tab.

This offer ends 31st December 23:59 GMT. Don’t forget – in addition to receiving these items, redeeming either card gives you the choice of membership, membership and Squeal of Fortune spins, or Runecoins!

How can I get the new seasonal headwear?

This seasonal headwear can be unlocked by redeeming green or red pre-paid card to your runescape accounts, any time from the 12th December until the 31st (inclusive - GMT).

The Chrismas pudding head can be cooked up by redeeming a green pre-paid card. This is the card costing $10, £7.50, €7.50 or $15 (AUS).

The snowman head plus the Christmas pudding head can be obtained by redeeming the red pre-paid card, which costs $25, £20, €25 or $40 (AUS).

Alternatively, you can get both headpieces by purchasing Gold Premier Club membership. Visit our Premier Club page for details.

The snowman head is only available with the red pre-paid card or Gold Premier Club membership.

Do I need to buy the cards from a certain store?

No – any store from which you can buy a physical card will grant you your new faces!

Can I get the new heads in my country?

Sure is - the festive headwear is available across the globe.

Green and red RuneScape pre-paid cards are available at major retailers throughout the world. Check out our store locator for details of stockists near you.

Even if there isn't a store nearby, you can still get the headwear - along with a whole year's membership and a host of other great benefits - by purchasing Gold Premier Club membership.

Can I get the headwear if I buy a card online?

If you order a physical card that is sent to you, then the new head will be yours! However, any codes that are sent to you via email will not work and won’t grant these items.

I want this new headwear, but I don’t want to cancel my subscription!

Have no fear – redeeming a pre-paid card won’t cancel any subscription. Adding membership will simply delay your next rebill until you’re about to run out of membership. You’ll next be charged when you have fewer than three days remaining.

I’m having trouble redeeming my card – help!

For any issues with payments, just head over to the Billing Wiki. Head to point 4.F for help with pre-paid cards.

How do I equip my new headwear?

Head to the Wardrobe interface by hitting F2 when you’re next in game, and you’ll find your seasonal heads in the Head Items tab!

I can’t get hold of a pre-paid card! Does that mean I can’t get these new items?

You can also receive both of the new headpieces by grabbing the Gold Premier Club membership package, which includes all of the items from 2013, all of the runescape items coming up in 2014, a whole year's membership and a whole load of other awesome benefits! Check out the Premier Club page for more information!

I have redeemed my Red Pre-Paid Card - but cannot find the Christmas Pudding Head?

There have been a number of players who have advised us that they have been unable to find the Christmas Pudding Head once they have redeemed their Red Pre-paid Card; we are looking into this - and any accounts affected by this should have their missing head added shortly, In the meantime, please keep cool with your Snowman Head.

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