Look how to making diablo 3 gold 4million per hour – chinese professional gamer

An interesting interview with an alleged Chinese gold farmer who work for gamerluck website is making around 4 milion gold an hour using bots has appeared today. It’s a pretty slow interview due to a translation service being used, but according to the farmer the current level of botting and farming will completely destroy the economy.  (Buy cheap diablo 3 gold instantly)

In the interview, the farmer mentions that there are at least 1000 accounts currently farming in the game. These accounts are leveled to Inferno and then set to work on farming. They are taking around 2 days to take the accounts to Inferno running 24 hours a day and he goes on to say that Blizzard are not banning the accounts even though they are active 24/7. He/she thinks this is because Blizzard will be making money eventually from the RMAH and the farming will be allowed to carry on. A bit of a bold statement, one which I can’t really buy into.

You can watch the interview after the break where I have also given more of a breakdown on the interview contents.

Below the video is a full transcript also (thanks to Elly for enduring the video and transcribing that).

The farmers are saving as much as possible before the RMAH opens so as to flood the market on launch and are set to undercut everyone with a flood of gold/items so that the market will become “usesless”. Legendary items will cost so little that the market value of everything else will be so small. The farmer is also concerned about the increase to drop rates which could make the problem even worse.

The farmer rather oddly states that Blizzard need to update Warden even though the farmers are supposedly using an “undetected method” for their bots. He also thinks that Blizzard are unlikely to stop these bots for around 2/3 months.

Currently farmers are selling their gold on third party sites to help fund the activities. They are using stolen credit cards and Paypal accounts to buy accounts and the farmer claims there is a bug in the Blizzard Europe store which is allowing them get more accounts setup.

Regarding the current spate of account hacks, the farmer says that the accounts are not being hacked at Blizzard who he says are “bullet-proof”, but rather people’s accounts on forums, facebook and other social media, and not necessarily through fishing.

While we don’t know the exact source of who the farmer is or why he/she has come forward now to do an interview, many of the comments cover things we do know and I am sure Blizzard too are well aware of. The prevention of bots must be treated as a priority by Blizzard to hamper the farmers and prevent the economy going down the pan.

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