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Levels requierd: 95mage+ 95range+ 77+ prayer and 70+ def.
items needed: saradomingoodsword - blowpipe With 5kscales and 1k dragon darts- atleast karil top/bottom - amulet of anguish - twisted bow - ahrim top/bottom - verac helm - occult amulet. pegasian boots. rune pouch With 5k bloods/Deaths/souls. kodai wand.500 dragon arrows.
food: 1 range pot, 1 stamina pot. 10restores(4) and 9 brews (4).
thats how it should look in inv. With the gear on the 6 spots.
blowpipe, twisted bow, anguish. arma/karil and saradomin godsword
we only have 1 trainer for inferno cape atm. so when you gonna to buy it. check on livechat first to see if trainer is available to do it for u.