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2018 OSRS Gold farming making guide_some fast osrs gold maki...

Since it seems that you’re good to go on altscape, I’d recommend getting your slayer up on your first account so that you’d be able to afk gargoyles/wyverns/brutal black dragons. They are all good money that would be low attention while you work on your pure. The only problem is that there’s an initial time investment to get to the level for them.
Depending on how far you’re willing to go with both accounts, you could also work your account up to the level that you’d be able to kill Vorkath and/or Zulrah. These two bosses are your best bet for solo profit as far as I know, and they are pretty fun to do! Again, time investment though.
Mining gem rocks in Shilo Village is actually decent money for its requirement, but it can be crowded at times there.
Another option is crafting and enchanting red topaz jewellery from scratch (mainly burning amulet and slaughter bracelet), requires 40-50 crafting and magic.
Hunter, chinning. I think at level 63 you unlock red chins. And start out making around 300k an hour and then as your level gets higher so does the profit per hour I want to say I’m 73 now and almost making 400k an hour on a good day. Only problem is the red chin area gets crowded and can be a pain in the ass fighting for a spot or even finding one.
Another you can do very early and what I did when I first started was buy flax off the GE and then make bow strings. At lumbridge castle I forgot how much an hour you make but it’s over 100k and doable fresh off the island pretty much. I think it takes around 15 crafting.
For me, my favorite money making method is doing Barrows. It can be 1m+ an hour. I would recommend getting the morytania hard diaries completed before using this as a moneymaking method though, so it might not be for you if you're planning on keeping a skiller and a pure since 70 defense is a requirement to complete the diaries.
Apart from that, and something that might be more up your street is cooking. There are a load of foods out there that you can cook for profit. I made 16m profit when I got my cooking level to 99, so that could be something you could do on your skiller while you train your pure.
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