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NEWS :: 2021 Best guide for Oldschool runescape 99 Agility with 200 Million Xp2021-01-03

Oldschool runescape 99 Agility with 200 Million Xp Guide.
Full Nimble = 6% boos
Silverhawk Boots
Collector's Insignia - boost agility lap bonus +5% inactive or 10% active
Perfect JuJu Agility Potion
BA Bonus (from barbarian assault) = Double Exp
Enhanced Excalibur with Wise 3 / Enlightened 3
Surefooted / Greater Surefooted
Jack of Trades / Master Jack of Trades / Supreme Jack of Trades
Clan Avatar = 3-6%
Exp. rates per hour:
Hefin Agility - 115k or 230k with boots / 460k with bonus xp
Advanced Barbarian Outpost - 72k or 144k using boots / 288k using bonus xp
Advanced Gnome Stronghold - 67k
Barbarian assault - 300-500k BONUS exp per hour. FC - Ba Games
Tips and Tricks:
* Have your cursor over the upcoming obstacle so you can quickly click.
* You can also use the ability "surge" to quick run to rope swing and save time.
* You can wear your silverhawk boots and do hunter instead of stepping on a course at all. Hunting grenwalls is 250k xp/hr and gain 4m gp you will also gain 60k agility. With your profit you can buy more feathers.
* Create a preset in your bank for quicker bank time. Set Up preset (1) or (2) - Then all you have to do is click preset (1)/(2), and your ready to start again
Additional Bonus EXP. options:
Penguins (weekly reset)
Troll invasion (monthly reset)
Fealty reward from clan citadel (weekly reset)
Pulse Core Boost
Essence of Wisdom
Note: Here's some other suggestions if you want to look the part / reduce weight
Wicked Cape - Spottier Cape
Penance Gloves
Explorers Ring

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