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NEWS :: 2021 OSRS Training Guide | Cooking level up to 200M XP 2021-10-15

From level 1 to 30, the fastest experience is gained by 1-tick cooking raw karambwan into poison karambwan. Karambwan can be cooked without tick delay by holding down 1 and rapidly using raw karambwan on a fire or range. This method costs money, but the overall loss will be relatively small as reaching level 30 would take less than ten minutes.


Levels Fish XP each XP needed Successfully cooked fish needed Raw fish needed
1–5 Sardine.png Sardine 40 388 10 25 Raw sardine.pngRaw sardine
5–10 Herring.png Herring 50 766 16 40 Raw herring.pngRaw herring
10–15 Mackerel.png Mackerel 60 1,257 21 53 Raw mackerel.pngRaw mackerel
15–20 Trout.png Trout 70 2,059 30 75 Raw trout.pngRaw rout
20–25 Pike.png Pike 80 3,372 43 108 Raw pike.pngRaw Pike
25–30 Salmon.png Salmon 90 5,521 62 155 Raw salmon.pngRaw salmon


Levels 30–99: Cooked karambwan

1-tick cooking karambwan provides the fastest Cooking experience. Karambwan can be cooked without tick delay by holding down 2 and rapidly using raw karambwan on a fire or range. However, this requires a lot of click accuracy and can be difficult to do consistently for long periods of time.
At max efficiency, 5,000 karambwan can be cooked for 950,000 experience per hour. This includes instant banking at the Myths' Guild or Mor Ul Rek and very few burns, achievable at about 96 Cooking, where only 2.34% of karambwan are burnt. Due its click-intensive nature, it is more likely to assume about 4500–4800 karambwan per hour. Without tick manipulation, the experience per hour is about 285,000.
Alternatively, use the Hosidius kitchen, to decrease burn chance at a lower level. Completing the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary means at 87 Cooking players won't burn, and without the diary complete level 93 is when one would no longer burn karambwan. At max efficiency here, 4300 karambwan can be cooked per hour for 817,000 experience after the 0% burn chance is reached. Rates are generally 10–25% to account for missed ticks and errors. Multiply the burn rate by the estimated rates for more accurate rates if you do not have 100% success chance.
Successfully cooked Karambwan required: from level 80 - 58,150
Experience acquired: 11,048,363
If 80-99:
Total raw: 19,305,800
Total cooked (if none burned): 29,307,600
Profit (if none burned): 10,001,800
Other Training method Levels 35/68–99: Jug of wine
Making jugs of wine offers relatively fast experience. This method costs money, but it is usually fairly cheap depending on the Grand Exchange prices. It requires more attention than cooking fish or casting Bake Pie, however.
Jugs of wine are made by combining grapes with jugs of water to make unfermented wines, and after 12 seconds they will ferment into jugs of wine. Wines ferment in the bank, so players do not have to wait for the wines to ferment in the inventory. The 12-second timer resets each time the player makes a new jug of unfermented wine, whether banked or in the inventory, which means a large stack of wine in the bank can ferment all at once. Successfully making each jug of wine grants 200 experience.
Grapes are added to jugs of water at a rate of once per 2 ticks, which is double the rate most items are cooked on a range or fire. This, combined with the high 200 experience per jug of wine, is why wine has such fast experience rates. However, with only 14 produced per inventory, making jugs of wine requires more attention than most other cooking items, as one inventory of ingredients can be combined every 16.8 seconds, compared to the 67.2 seconds it takes to cook an entire inventory.
Players can gain up to 490,000 experience per hour from level 68 onwards. Below level 68, there is a chance for a jug of bad wine to be produced for 0 experience.
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