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NEWS :: Best Runescape F2P Money Making Guide For Non Member Players2011-05-25

A F2P Runescape way of making quick money.

In this guide I will give you hints and tips on money making, merchanting, and becoming a millionaire! I’ve personally tried all of these and know what they all work! prices will be current as of 6-13-07. In this guide I’ll explain how to make over 900k at level 3! Follow the instructions in my guide and you’ll be a millionaire in no time.


Merchanting overview: Merchanting can be your best friend if you know how to do it. The rule to making a profit while merchanting is very simple: Buy Low, Sell High. There are many other rules you need to follow in order to successfully merchant.


  1. Be firm with your prices! Don’t drop your prices because you’re not selling, eventually you will.
  2. Be friendly! No one wants to buy from someone that just called them a noob.
  3. When buying, try to get the seller to lower the price. haggle with him. If he’s firm, then just pay the full price.
  4. Spell with proper grammar. No one wants to buy from someone saying “S311ing 41r run35 lawlz” just type like a normal Person.
  5. It helps to listen to music or browse forums or something while you’re merchanting. Merchanting can be pretty boring, so have something to do while you’re doing it so you don’t go crazy from boredom.
  6. It takes money to make money. Don’t be afraid to spend all your money on the items listed in this guide. It’ll definitely be worth it in the long run.
  7. Always make your typing bright and nice looking. When I’m buying or selling, I always write: Cyan:wave2:Selling xxxxxx, xxxx ea!!===lacrosse fan (my in game name) so it’s not just that same old boring yellow type, people can see who I am, what I’m selling, and for how much.
  8. ALWAYS HAVE A CALCULATOR OPEN. Whether it’s your computer calculator or your real life calculator it doesn’t matter, but always have one ready.

Air Running:


  • 0-100k
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: Long
  • World(s): 16
  • Rating:7/10
  • Requirements: Rune mysteries Quest, Air talisman/tiara

On world 16 near Falador bank, you’ll see a bunch of people running around together. Why? because they’re running to the air temple and back. Air running is a pretty popular thing, because it’s a way to get 2k for free.

All you need is an Air talisman (or tiara), 25 UNNOTED essences, and a lot of patience. What you do is you get 25 unnoted essences, and rune to the mysterious ruins (follow someone to get there if you don’t know how) and use your talisman with it. it’ll teleport you. After you get teleported, look around for someone that is saying “Open” or “Open 2k” and trade them. put up your 25 unnoted essences and he’ll put up 2k cash and 25 noted essences.

Accept and you’ll have 2k and 25 unnoted essences. Run back to the bank and deposit your 25 essences, and withdraw them back out unnoted, and run back to the mysterious ruins. Find someone else (or the same person) saying open, trade them your unnoted essences and you’ll get 2k and 25 noted essences. Run back, unnote them and repeat until you have 100k. Air running takes a long time but is a foolproof method of getting money.


  • 0-100k
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: Medium
  • World(s): Any
  • Rating: 6/10
  • Requirements: None

What you do to is you go to the chicken coop near lumbridge, or in the champions guild (32 Quest Points required) and start killing chickens, they probably won’t even cause any damage on you, regardless of your level, and pick up ALL the feathers they drop. They drop 5-15 feathers almost every time, but occasionally they won’t drop any.

After you get about 5k feathers (should take about 30 minutes to an hour) go to the Runescape forums, and look around for a thread saying “buying feathers 7-10 ea”. Since you’re f2p you won’t be able to post, but you can still read the threads and sell to the people buying feathers, add them to your friends list and tell them you’re selling your feathers. If you got 5k feathers like I said, the very least you should sell them for is 35k, or you could go to Varrock world 1 and say you’re selling feathers 7-10 ea, that works too.

After you’ve sold your feathers you will hire other people to get the feathers for you. Just go to the lumbridge Chicken Coop and tell the people there you’ll pay 3 gp per feather, hire about 5-10 people there and tell them to sell you the feathers every 1k. so 5 people selling you 1k feathers for 4 ea is 20k. now you sell those 5k feathers for another 35k, bringing your total to 45k. Repeat until 100k.

Eyes of Newt:

  • 6k-400k

  • Difficulty:Easy

  • Time:Long

  • World(s):Any

  • Requirements: Some money to buy eye of newts

Eye of newts can be a huge money maker but it takes a lot of time. First go to the Draynor bank.Have some money and go to the Port Sarim magic shop. Buy 27 eye of newts for 3 gp each then store them in the bank. Once you have 2k eye of newts or more try to sell them in the Runescape forums. This will take some time but you can sell them for gp each, thus making a 197 gp profit on each eye of newt!While the eyes of newt might seem like it could make you rich, it is one the most incredibly long and boring ways to merchant.

Rune Merchanting

  • 100k-200k
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: Medium
  • World(s): 1-5
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Requirements: None

Congratulations you made your first 100k! Now with that 100k you can go to Varrock and start merchanting rune items, like scimitars, 2h’s, Full helms and plate bodies. Personally I like 2h’s and full helms, you can buy a rune scimitar for 20k and sell it for 25k. rune 2h for 45k and sell for 50-55k. rune plate bodies for 50k and sell for 55-60k, and full helms for 18-20k and sell for 25-36k.

I’ve tried all these, and in my experience, it’s easiest to buy rune full helms for 20k and selling for 25k. With your first 100k, I recommend buying 5 rune full helms for 20k ea and selling for 25k ea. After you’ve sold all your full helms you should have 125k, and with that you can buy 6 rune full helms for 20k ea. Do so, and resell for 25k ea. That’ll bring you to 150k. Buy 7 rune full helms 20k ea and sell for 25k ea. That’ll bring you to 175k. You know what you can buy with that much? That’s right! FULL RUNE!

With your 175k buying full rune for 165-175k. and sell for 180-200k. It’ll be hard to sell for 200k, or 190k for that matter. so try to sell for 180k. Do that until you have 200k, and then you can choose to do one of two things: Rune merchanting (as in air runes, waters, fires, etc..) or my favorite f2p money maker of all time: Lobster Merchanting.

Lobster Merchanting:

  • 200k-1000k+
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: Short
  • World(s): 1-5
  • Rating: 10/10
  • Requirements: None

This is by far my favorite method of making money in Runescape, Lobster Merchanting! With your 200k (from Rune item merchanting) go to world 1 Varrock in front of the bank (past where you buy runes, in the big field) type “Buying 1k Lobs, 200k!” and you should get them relatively quick. After you buy the lobs, walk to Edgeville bank, and switch to worlds either 3 or 5, and say “Selling lobs 220 ea!!!===your game name” and you’ll get a lot of trades pretty fast, as soon as the trade screen comes up put up all your lobsters.

Normally, the person will put up 22k (enough for 100 lobsters) but sometimes they’ll buy up 44k (200 lobs) 66k (300 lobs) or sometimes even 88k (400 lobs). Sometimes, if you’re lucky the person will put up 25k for 100 lobsters, because that’s there normal price for buying 100 lobsters, and they don’t want to mess up their amount of money. So if someone puts up 25k, they’ll want 100 lobsters. You’ll sell the lobsters pretty quickly, and after you sell them all you should have 220k. Not that big of a profit NOW.
But keep doing that (or any of the other methods listed in this guide) until you have 400k. At 400k you can buy 2k lobsters, and sell for 440k. 40k profit? Nice! Keep merchanting lobsters until 780k, or you can keep going forever to get as much money as you want.

Rune T/G Merchanting:

  • 780k-1400k+
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time: Long
  • World(s): 1-5
  • Rating: 7/10
  • Requirements: None

Congratulations, you now have enough money to buy full rune t!! You can either quit here, or you can continue on and make even more money! Ok now. With your 780k, go to the left of Varrock West bank, and at the top left corner, you’ll see people buying and selling full rune t/g. With your 780k (you can with 750k, but it’s MUCH harder) say “Buying full rune t”. After you’ve bought your full rune t, say “Selling full rune T” and you’ll get a lot of trades. Only accept if they offer 840k or more. After you’ve sold it, re-buy for 780k, and sell for 840k (or more).

From here and you could start merchanting phats and other rare stuff like or just continue merchanting using my ideas.

(Note all the prices may and could suddenly change, be aware of that.)

- The gamerLuck Team -

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