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NEWS :: Diablo 3 Classes Guide - Monk Skills Guide2012-07-01

My thoughts on Monk

Diablo 3 Monk - My thoughtsI played the beta for over six months and after beta patch 15, Monk was my first favorite character. I just loved playing Monk with its combos, blink skill (Dashing Strike) and ability to heal. Monks get a little less DPS compared to Barbarians, and they lack area and crowd control skills, but I think the heal and supportive Mantra skills make up for it.

Among all other classes, Monks get least no. of skills if we do the Math. For example, you get 21 base skills as Monks and 4 of them are Mantras. One of them is heal. So overall you get only 16 skills. This can be considered as good or bad depending on how you view it. I think it’s good as you have limited skills to master. Most of the skills you use for leveling up will be same as that you use in PVP which means when PVP is out you will already have a good handle on those skills.

Alright, enough of what I think. Now let’s look at what it is like to play a Monk. This is especially good reading if you are trying to decide if Monk is right first class for you.

Is Monk Right For You? – Diablo 3 Monk Gameplay Guide  (Buy Diablo 3 Gold)

Diablo 3 Monk GuideLet me ask you few questions:

  • Do you like melee?
  • Do you like to support your team?
  • Do you like fast attack speed, and combos?
  • Do you like to be all over the place, be mobile and agile?

If you answered above questions with a ‘Yes’ then you might love playing Monks.

Monks are fast, agile and powerful Melee class. You have powerful skills for both single target and close combat melee range area skills. Monks also have good close combat area skills that help you ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed with Mobs.

Among all other classes Monks are the only ones with support skills. These are called Mantras and you get four of them. Each has its own benefit and can be effective in different situations.

Monks have very good escape or close gap skills that allow you to be all over the place. Dashing Strike is a very good and fun skill and one of the reasons why I like playing Monk. It allows you to Dash next to an enemy and root them. All the Monks love this skill!

Diablo 3 Monk Resource System

The next part of this Diablo 3 Monk guide is the resource system. The resource system of Monks is Spirit.

All your primary skills generate Spirit for you that can be used to cast even more powerful skills. You generate 6 Spirit with each hit of your primary attack skill.

Using Spirit wisely is the most challenging part of playing a Monk. We’ll talk more about this topic later on how to effectively manage your Spirit.

Diablo 3 Monk Skills Guide

Monks have 21 skills in total available in Diablo 3, and it’s divided into three categories: Spirit Generators, Spirit Spenders and Mantras. Spirit Generators from the name itself, are skills that help Monk regenerate its resource system in order to use those highly devastating spells, which are obviously Spirit Spenders. Examples of Spirit Generator skills are Deadly Reach and Fists of Thunder.

Diablo 3 Monk Skills Guide

Spirit Spender skills are very versatile set of skills, they deal significant amount of damage, heal the Monk and its party members pr even act as a general utility skill. These include Dashing Strike, Blinding Flash and Breath of Heaven.

Mantras on the other hand, grants Monks and its allies with buff abilities that allows them to deal better damage and regenerate a certain amount of life. Only one Mantra can be active in a time though.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Monks in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Monk Guide

  • Strengths: Like the Assassin in Diablo 2, Monk in Diablo 3 is fast, agile and very powerful, and with its healing abilities and damage improvement auras, Monk is a pretty good team mate for both party and PVP arena. This class can dodge attacks by Dashing straight to its enemy using Dash skills, and get out of trouble in a second using the same skill. Mantras are other strengths of Monks that make them a must have for lot of parties in advanced difficulty levels.
  • Weaknesses: Monk is a pretty well-rounded class, and with its great freedom of movement in combat and high maneuverability, it can be tough to spot Monk weaknesses. However, it’s slow resource system regeneration can play an important factor, especially when the skill build is not done right. It can be very tough to deal with multiple ranged enemies at the same time if you do not have right balance between your defensive, offensive and escape skills.

Diablo 3 Monk Equipment Guide

Some of the unique equipment available only for Monks are Spirit Stones, Daibos and Fist Weapons. Your main formula for picking weapons is – More Attack Speed means more Spirit generated. So go for weapons with high DPS AND high attack speed.

  • Spirit Stones vs Normal Helms: The Spirit stones are almost similar to normal Helms. The minor differences are a little extra upper armor range and lesser durability. Go with Normal Helms as they are multipurpose and can be used on other chars as well.
  • Fists: Fists are good and fast. They give you 1.4 attack speed. I personally feel that Daggers are better as they give you 1.5 attack speed and if you compare their attack damages, Daggers always appear better. I am yet to see any reason why I should wield a Fist unless that’s the only option I have.
  • Diabo: Diabo is another Monks only two handed weapon. They are almost same at Damage Per Second compared to Fists and Daggers but they have low attack speed. So go for Daggers or Fists.

Monks can also dual-wield some weapons such as axes and swords.

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