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How to transfer Runescape Gold from one account to another o...

You don't need anyone else to help you to transfer the runescape gold, osrs gold to another account, you can do it yourself at your computer, no need two computers. Here is the full guide from osrs gold leading store Gamerluck.com sharing with all oldschool runecape players.
Most runescape players thought they need two computers with log in account to make the trade, in fact, you can transfer the osrs gold from your account to another one at one computer. Here is the processing steps:
1, open two runescape client. And set up two words same. For example, I set up two worlds as world 301
2, type the log in user and password for each to get it prepared. 
3,now what you need to do is press keyboard "Enter" to log in the first game client, and mouse click log in the second game client. You Must press enter button and mouse click at a same time, within 1 second, the sooner the better.
That's what I am doing every time when I need to transfer the gold from one account to another, I supply gold to Gamerluck.com everyday, so I need to do many times of gold transfer from my main staking account to level 3 fresh account. Feel free to use the guide.
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