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NEWS :: Is Runescape a pay to win game?2021-09-29

More and more old players think Runescape is a pay to win game, but in fact, the situation is not as bad as we thought. According to a survey from Gamerluck which is a large runescape gold provider, those high-level players over total lvl 2000 believe that you can have a good experience without spending money.
Membership is the only reason to spend money
If you are adamant about not spending money, you can get a "bond" with in game money. It is a bit expensive, but is totally obtainable as a free to play player. it just takes time.
Premier Membership - Nobody needs that, It basically only gives you a few extra perks that don't really give you much of an advantage in the game whether it be through killing monsters or training skills.
Runecoins - You can buy cosmetics, which nobody really cares about, and not necessary. You can buy Auras, which give you perks like life-steal, or a better chance at catching something through fishing or something, but these aren't absolute necessities, at least until a higher level. At that point you can just use loyalty points (which are accumulated through just having membership, no additional cost to you other than the membership. By the time you need those auras, you'll already have plenty of points stockpiled to buy them).
Treasure Hunter Keys - This is the most common one that people bring up. To get anywhere with just keys, you need to spend thousands of dollars, which 99.9999% don't do that. It does give you quite a bit of bonus experience, and experience lamps for you to use on skills, and items that you can sell for a small bit of money. That's just what Treasure Hunter is all about. However, experience rates are decently high for every skill, so if you train yourself up with your time. If you just used the 1-2 free keys you get every day at the daily reset time, and extra keys from random things like quests, random keys you'll get killing things, etc. (Quests give you 2 each, i've had questing days where I can get like 15 keys in a day doing easy quests) then you'll be completely fine, and be able to get quite a bit of bonus experience for just playing the game.
Bonds - Can be bought for real money and sold for osrs gold, or used for buying runecoins or a name change, or a few other things, but money is pretty easy to come by anyways. There are so many money makers that make millions of gold per hour at higher levels. There are even low level money makers that can make over a million gold per hour. As you keep leveling, more opportunities are unlocked for you, just like any game.
Runemetrics, Wealth Evaluator, Action Bars, Yak Track - For the first 2, you don't need them. It may be convenient, but it's by no means a necessity, and gives you 0 advantage anywhere. Runemetrics and Wealth Evaluator just give you statistics on what you're killing, your drops, how much experience you are getting an hour, and how much money your bank is worth. I don't have any of that, and I just use my computer's calculator for every one of those. As far as action bars go, you already get 9 of them free, which is more than enough. I'm a maxed player, and do a bit of high level PvM, and I have never regularly used 9 action bars, or needed more than that. Maybe 4 or 5 for everything i've ever done? Even if you are doing lots of high level PVM, you will NOT need all 9 action bars.
As far as Yak Track goes, that's just grasping for straws at this point. You get pretty much nothing except cosmetics and maybe a bonus experience star every so often.
Bank boosters - You can spend money on bank boosters, giving you extra bank slots, but you really don't need them. You can go to the Solomon Store and grab like 200-300 EXTRA bank slots for FREE in the FREE SECTION. I have never needed to buy bank slots ever. (Note that these extra slots are for members only, but free to play players still won't have any need to buy bank slots)
However, there are advantages to using your real world money within the game. Like If You buy runescape gold, You Could Boost Some Skills Extremely Fast, You Can Even Buy The Powerleveling Service. And You Save Time On Borining Training.