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NEWS :: Lotro Guide To Crafting2010-11-24

Craft Training

Near each Master or Mistress of Apprentices, there is a Provisioner and Novice-level Crafting Trainers of all types. The Trainers are stationed at the assorted workplaces that are needed to engage in crafting tasks. Between the Provisioner and the Crafting Trainers of your chosen professions, you can acquire most of the items you need to begin crafting. All crafts require the correct tools, raw materials, and a workplace to perform the task. For instance, woodworking requires a set of woodworking tools, a supply of wood (that can be found throughout your travels in Middleearth), and a workbench. (You receive our initial tools when you choose a profession.) Workbenches are found in many locations in most towns.


Crafting levels

Tier Level


Points Needed


Points Needed




Master Apprentice





Master Journeyman





Master Expert





Master Artisan





Grand Master





Supreme Master


Each profession is broken up into levels or tiers, and each tier has specific requirements that must be met to advance to the next tier. Every time you create a new item in a given profession, you are rewarded with Crafting Points. After a requisite number of Crafting Points have been earned, you will be rewarded with a new title, and you may find that you need to complete a task — a crafting quest — to advance to the next tier of that profession. To see the different tiers look at the nearby table. After you successfully complete a tier (for example, moved from Apprentice to Journeyman), you will have new crafting actions to try. For example, an Apprentice Prospector can only mine for Tin and Copper. A Journeyman Prospector can also mine for Barrow-iron and Silver. This type of progression continues for all five tiers of each profession.

Completing each tier is not all there is to crafting. Completing the first tier of crafting (from Apprentice to Journeyman), merely demonstrates that you are a Proficient Apprentice. You are not yet a Master in those crafting acts. Your initial Proficiency-level crafting bar (denoted with a brown anvil), has been filled up and a new Mastery-level crafting bar (denoted with a gold anvil) is now available. To achieve Mastery, continue performing the Apprentice crafting actions. For example, using the Prospector from above, you will want to mine for both Barrow Iron to advance your tier and Copper to advance your Apprentice tier toward Mastery.



Your level of experience is illustrated by anvil icons next to the tier's name. There are two anvil colors; brown representing proficiency and gold representing master.

  • An empty, or outlined, anvil indicates that you are currently working towards proficiency.
  • One filled-in anvil indicates that you have gained proficiency in that tier, but until you master a previous tier you will not gain XP towards mastery in the current tier.
  • One filled-in anvil and one empty anvil indicate that you have gained proficiency in that tier, and any items crafted at that level will give XP towards mastery of that tier. Note: Once you are proficient in a given tier you will then be able to start the quest which, upon completion, will allow you to gain experience in the following tier's proficiency level.
  • Two filled-in anvils indicate that you have completely mastered the tier. Crafting items at that level will not grant any XP. However, every time you craft an item for a tier you have mastered, you have the chance to receive a critical success. See Tier Mastery section, below.


After mastering a profession tier, each time you craft an item for that tier, you have the chance to receive a critical success. To access your mastery options there is a mastery tab at the bottom of the crafting window below your recipe ingredients.

The normal critical success rate is 5% chance to create a critical item. There are a couple different outcomes when you produce a successful critical.

  • You will produce a larger number of component items. An example would be when a prospector crafts Bronze Ingots they make 2 at a time, but with a critical success they are able to produce 6 ingots.
  • You will produce a better quality item with improved stats. An example would be Leather Armour vs. Tough Leather Armour. The mastered item will either have increased stats or more bonuses attached depending on the item and its crafting level.
  • A crafter may increase their critical chance by using higher quality crafted tools, using crafting lore scrolls (made by a Scholar), or by adding a rare mastery component (most of the time this item is a Trophy). Note: some single-use recipes do not have the option for rare mastery components in the mastery tab. Seed and produce recipes do not have a critical success option.

To view a list of rare mastery components check out the Mastery Components Index (By Profession).


In order to craft an item, the crafter must know the recipe. Recipes are either given, purchased, or dropped from treasure or mobs. Each recipe is specific to a profession but most items can be used by someone outside of that profession.


Types of Recipes

Crafters use recipes to create various items from the different professions. There are several different types of recipes available to your character.

Type of Recipe



Each tier has a number of basic recipes that are provided for you once that tier is available.


This recipe can be purchased from a Novice or Expert profession NPC.
For example: The
Heavy Quilted Armour Recipe can be purchased from a Novice Tailor.


Other recipes are found as drops, also known as loot, from various Creatures.

Single Use

This recipe can only crafted once and then it is removed from your recipe list.
Note: Quest recipes are generally single-use and do not offer crafting XP.


Recipes and Indexes

There are several recipes for each profession and to list them all is crazy, but we tried our best!

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