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  • MapleStory Powerleveling - Hayato level 1 to 200 Hot sale 2013-04-01

    MapleStory Powerleveling - Hayato level 1 to 200 Hot sale, price only $200, you will have a level 200 hayato account.

  • Crazy Maplestory Powerleveling Price, 50% Price off - Gamerluck 2011-10-11

    Crazy Maplestory Powerleveling Price, 50% Price off - Gamerluck

  • Maplestory News: BasilMarkt Chat with team GMS 2011-01-29

    thank you all for coming to the secret BasilChat with Team GMS! It was a quick, mostly unannounced chat with a group of Nexon staff about upcoming content and how things are run. If you missed out

  • Maplestory Guide: Bowman Boss introduction 2011-01-28

    This guide will tell you bosses for bowman training, Each boss then has a description, starting with its location and going onto how much damage each delivers, how the fight commences, and any really notable drops at the end.

  • Quests You Can Do To Make maplestory mesos 2011-01-27

    Who hates being poor? I sure do. (Lol and I'm a Cleric-path... But to be honest, we don't really make money since we aren't great attackers. We are just able to save a lot of it. Although you could sell leech if you have the time when you reach Bishop.)

  • Comparison for Dual Blade and shadower 2011-01-26

    Dual Blade and shadower look a like in their style, but we are sure they have different points, some players already know night lord points~ so today I will tell some the difference between a shadower and a Dual Blade

  • MapleStory Guide: Maple Trading System Maplestory Trade System (MTS) 2011-01-25

    When you playing maplestory, do you See that cute little button on the bottom right side of the screen? It's marked as "TRADE" with a bunch of maplestory gold or meso whatever you call behind it. If you click it you'll be transferred to a menu-based world

  • MapleStory Guide: Priest and Bishop Training 2011-01-24

    Hey guys, Im currently playing maplestory. Anyway, due to Big Bang I need to do some serious revamping of my guide(more than I already had to do). Feel free to discuss training areas, It would be much appreciated.

  • New training areas after maplestory big bang 2011-01-23

    Every maple players, Big Bang is out, so are you ready? If your not, and don't know where to train, just read this training guide here!

  • MapleStory Guide: Area Bosses 2011-01-20

    Recently I ‘ve been seen questions regarding the new Area Bosses that came in recent patches. On Basil and on Maple, people still ask where they spawn, what they drop, which ones are out, etc. I made this guide to answer some of those questions. Hope my g

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    used this site for years! If your on the fence, you shouldnt be! 1000% trustworthy, and professional. Hands down best site you'll find. I use GL all the time and tryed most of there services they offer, bought gp, accs, power leveling and capes, ALWAYS friendly, fast and priced fairly. I recommend the site to anyone needing gp or power leveling done. Thank you GL for the years of great service.

  • ryan2021-01-22

    legit legit legit, ordered multiple times and always legit. thanks you

  • Jonny O.2020-12-10

    Great website , didn’t believe it was true at first but have had bought an account and bought gold and haven’t been banned in over 3 months. Great site!

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    Bought an account from here yesterday, very pleased with the service and had the information within 10 minutes. Excellent and legit website.

  • mike 2020-06-23

    most efficient and most trustworthy site.