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NEWS :: MapleStory Guide: Area Bosses2011-01-20

Recently I ‘ve been seen questions regarding the new Area Bosses that came in recent patches. On Basil and on Maple, people still ask where they spawn, what they drop, which ones are out, etc. I made this guide to answer some of those questions. Hope my guides helps those players. and if you love this guide, you may send feedback to our email:, you may have a chance to win free maplestory mesos, or you may have super discount coupon code to buy maplestory gold, Power leveling maplestory, and maplesea mesos.

Table of Contents

Breakdown of the Area Bosses, Current Area Bosses:
King Clang
Tae Ryun
Old Fox [Gumiho]
King Sage Cat [Master Goblin]
Future Area Bosses

Breakdown of the Area Bosses

Currently, GMS has 8: Mano, Stumpy, King Clang, Tae Ryun, Elliza, and Snowman, which make up the original six Area Bosses or “Roster 1 as I like to call them. The last 2 are the Roster 2 pair: Master Goblin and Gumiho. The third and fourth rosters of Area Bosses includes Serph, Leviathan, Deu, Geno, and others. In total, there are 4 Rosters of Area Bosses, and at this point we have all but one of them. All bosses are listed here from oldest roster to newest roster, and within those margins, lowest level to highest.

Current Area Bosses

Disclaimer: All current Area Bosses [except Snowman, who has a 20 min spawn time] seem to have a spawn time similar to Mushmom's 45 minutes to 1 hour. Excluding Snowman, all Area Bosses activate a blue line of text announcing when they have spawned. Also, every Area Boss seems to have auto-aggro and will draw its attention to nearby players automatically, much like Gobies or Elderwraiths. For the purpose of accuracy, touch/MA dmg of bosses is compared to other monsters.

• Level: 20
• HP: 2,000
• MP: 30
• Knockback: 1
• EXP: 120
• Weapon attack: 90
• Magic attack: 0
• Weapon defense: 20
• Magic defense: 30
• Speed: -40
• Accuracy: 60
• Avoidability: 8

Description: Boss of Lith Harbor; spawns in Thicket Around the Beach III. Generally spawns on the topmost platform, but occasionally spawns on the second and third platforms from the top. To get there, continue walking right from Lith Harbor. Mano lacks any sort of magic attack, while his touch dmg is about the same as a Blue Mushroom or Stirge. Mano does, however, cast the "slow" skill on players which reduces their speed. The indicator of this skill is that he turns gold momentarily. The Mano area is also extremely crowded because of his main drop: the rainbow snail shell. This shell is used to complete a quest from Pia in Henesys, but it's also a use item that transforms a player into a red snail. For this reason, many players try to attain multiple rainbow shells, thus crowding up the area. Also drops green, blue, and red snail shells.

• Level: 35
• HP: 7,000
• MP: 120
• Knockback: 1
• EXP: 405
• Weapon attack: 125
• Magic attack: 0
• Weapon defense: 50
• Magic defense: 70
• Speed: -60
• Accuracy: 80
• Avoidability: 12

Description: Boss of Perion; spawns in East Rocky Mountain V on a random part of the map, but usually on the ground floor. To get there, take the top-right portal from Perion and continue right until you reach East Rocky Mountain I, then proceed to take portals until you reach East Rocky Mountain V. Touch damage is about the same as a Toy Trojan or Lorang. Stumpy also lacks any MA. He does, however, have some limited buffs, including a Defense Up skill, and a skill that gives stat bonuses to other nearby stumps. Stumpy has 2 different ranged attacks one shoots a bat-shaped projectile at you that's fairly weak, the other is simply an unavoidable attack. Also heals itself for a low amount of HP. Drops seedlings, firewood, axes, and sap of ancient tree.

King Clang [Defensive & Offensive]
• Level: 55
• HP: 4,000 [Defensive] / 25,000 [Offensive]
• MP: 100 [Defensive] / 200 [Offensive]
• Knockback: 1,000
• EXP: 0 [Defensive] / 1210 [Offensive]
• Weapon attack: 165
• Magic attack: 175
• Weapon defense: 120
• Magic defense: 120
• Speed: 0 [Defensive; stationary] / -20 [Offensive]
• Accuracy: 100
• Avoidability: 20

Description: Boss of Florina Beach; spawns in Hot Sands on a random part of the map. To get there, continue walking right from the main Florina Beach area until you reach a dead end. Has two forms: initially spawns in a defensive mode that blends in with the background as a common-looking blue shell. Once destroyed, the true form arises for the player to fight. Its MA consists of slamming the ground with its claw, inflicting about the same damage as a Hector or Luster Pixie. The touch damage is similar to that of a Coolie Zombie or Grizzly Bear. Summon Clangs and Lorangs, though he doesn't summon any if he is taken down quickly. When he is on a platform his summons can be very annoying for ranged characters. Drops Lorang and Clang claws.

Tae Ryun
• Level: 71
• HP: 93,000
• MP: 200
• Knockback: 1,500
• EXP: 1580
• Weapon attack: 285
• Magic attack: 310
• Weapon defense: 335
• Magic defense: 265
• Speed: -30
• Accuracy: 175
• Avoidability: 30

Description: Boss of Mu Lung; spawns in Territory of Wandering Bear on a random part of the map. The map is a hidden street on the path from Mu Lung to Herb Town. To get there, walk left portals from Mu Lung until you reach Snake Area, and enter the hidden street in the rock to get to Wild Bear Area 1. Continue taking left-hand portals until you reach Tae Ryun's map. WA and MA lvls are similar to that of Lucida and Extra D. He uses 2 different magic attacks: a long-range, avoiding blue energy blast and a ground smash that inflicts super-knockback on nearby players. He also casts a buffing skill that powers up nearby bears, uses a super defense up skill, and summons bears in battle. Drops red belts, yellow belts, bear's feet, and leather.

• Level: 83
• HP: 87,000
• MP: 320
• Knockback: 3,000
• EXP: 2,800
• Weapon attack: 420
• Magic attack: 400
• Weapon defense: 600
• Magic defense: 450
• Speed: -50
• Accuracy: 150
• Avoidability: 30

Description: Boss of Orbis; spawns in Stairway to the Sky II on the ground floor. To get there, take the upper-right portal from Orbis to reach Cloud Park I. Walk to the top-right portal and press up in the center of the shrine structure to arrive at The Road to Garden of 3 Colors. Continue taking top-central portals until you arrive at Stairway to the Sky II. The touch dmg is similar to a Bain or the first form of a Firebrand, while the magic dmg is near that of a Yeti+Pepe or Ghost Pirate. Her MA is very similar to Ergoth's or a Wyvern's; multiple attack points spread out across the terrain that activate after a small delay. Elliza casts Darkness, so remember to bring all-cures or eyedrops to cure that status. She also buffs other surrounding Lucidas and summons Jr. Lucidas to defend her in battle. The Jr. Lucida and Lucida mobs can be an annoyance to long-range characters, but are easily defeated. Drops Lucida tails, solid horns, and leathers.

• Level: 90
• HP: 120,000
• MP: 300
• Knockback: 3,000
• EXP: 5,200
• Weapon attack: 450
• Magic attack: 430
• Weapon defense: 800
• Magic defense: 500
• Speed: 0
• Accuracy: 195
• Avoidability: 38

Description: Boss of El Nath; spawns in Valley of Snowman on the ground floor. To get there, keep taking right-hand portals from El Nath until you reach Cold Field II. From that map, approach the wooden sign at the lower-right corner and enter the hidden street. I advise bringing red bean porridge or snow white buns for cold protection, and to equip your snowshoes for traction. Unlike the other Area Bosses, Snowman usually only spawns after at least one monster on his map is killed, and there is no blue notice notifying players of when he spawns. His touch dmg does around 1400 to me, similar to a Phantom Watch, while his MA is about as strong as a Death Teddy's MA [about the same dmg as touch]. Snowman can stun nearby players, but this stun skill is usually limited to only one use. Snowman very rarely uses the stun more than once, mostly on melee classes. He can also release a cold fog, similar to an ice version of Poison Mist, which deals 500 dmg every second to players standing within the cloud. Snowman's main MA is a long-range, avoidable ball of ice, and he also summons Jr. Yetis in pairs during battle. Drops red bean porridge, hector tails, white pang tails, yeti horns, jr. yeti skins, and an exclusive drop to Snowman the yeti keychain.

Old Fox [Gumiho]
• Level: 70
• HP: 89,000
• MP: 200
• Knockback: 1,500
• EXP: 1,300
• Weapon attack: 280
• Magic attack: 310
• Weapon defense: 280
• Magic defense: 265
• Speed: -40
• Accuracy: 130
• Avoidability: 25

Description: Boss of Korean Folk Town; spawns in a hidden street from Fox Ridge. To get there, keep going right from KFT until you reach a map called "Fox Ridge". There's a cave-like entrance right next to where you enter. Press up to enter through that portal to arrive at Gumiho's map. Gumiho did only about 400-600 damage to me when I fought it. It buffed other samihos in the area, used a long-range unavoidable MA, and healed itself and other nearby monsters occasionally. Casts weakness and darkness. Drops three-tailed fox tails.

King Sage Cat [Master Goblin]
• Level: 77
• HP: 108,000
• MP: 520
• Knockback: 2,500
• EXP: 2,280
• Weapon attack: 320
• Magic attack: 350
• Weapon defense: 520
• Magic defense: 410
• Speed: -30
• Accuracy: 160
• Avoidability: 27

Description: Boss of Mu Lung; spawns in Goblin Forest 1 at the ground floor. To get there, walk left from Mu Lung until you get to Peach Farm 1. Approach the rock on the right side of the map and press up at its center. Continue 2 more maps to the right to arrive at Goblin Forest 1. Master Goblin does around 800-900 damage to me. He has several skills in his arsenal, including a super-KB that seems to knock you farther than Tae Ryun's. He can also heal himself and buff other nearby monsters, and he also possesses a super defense-up skill. Drops sage cat dolls and old papers.

• Level: 38
• HP: 7,700
• MP: 20
• Knockback: 1
• EXP: 445
• Weapon attack: 130
• Magic attack: 0
• Weapon defense: 100
• Magic defense: 120
• Speed: -30
• Accuracy: 130
• Avoidability: 18

Description: Boss of Ariant; spawns in Hidden Street: Royal Cactus Desert, entrance is located in the lower-right tall cactus of Cactus Desert 2. Recovers 50 HP and 20 MP every 10 seconds. Easy to deal with.

Serph [Defensive & Offensive]
• Level: 45
• HP: 2,550 [Defensive] / 7,800 [Offensive]
• MP: 150
• Knockback: 3000 [Defensive] / 300 [Offensive]
• EXP: 0 [Defensive] / 330 [Offensive]
• Weapon attack: 135
• Magic attack: 155
• Weapon defense: 150
• Magic defense: 200
• Speed: 0

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