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NEWS :: MapleStory Guide: Priest and Bishop Training2011-01-24

From level 1 to level 30 would be ignored here, so i m not going to describe for such easy training.
From level 31 to 70 training to most players, its easy too, only takes 3 days to training, so i will start the guide from level 70. Now let's start.

Feight: You should include the benefits that HP warriors have on cleric/priest/bishop training. I was training with a cleric at DTs on my HP warrior. Yes I would drain a little exp from the kill (about 300 exp) but the exp he got from healing me more than made up for it. Every time he healed me, he got around 50 - 60 exp, and he healed me about 20 times per kill. That's 1000 - 1200 more exp than normal. So he was getting 2000 - 2200 exp every kill as apposed to the regular 1300 :D !

Level 70-75
Note: This is considered to be "Priest Hell".
DTs and MDTs
Soul Teddies and Master Soul Teddies*
Ghost Ships
Voodoos and hoodoos

Level 75-80
DT's and MDT's*
Gobies(at around level 78, you may have to SR them once or twice)
Kents(With a DK)

Also, at 75 you can try grims out(They're kinda scary and VERY deadly at your level)

By the way, I started himing at level 77, so give them a shot.

Level 80-90
Note: At these levels i soloed MDT's and DT's when I was unable to find a party
You can also try to solo dark kents since they have less HP

Gallopera party/split
Kents (They're probably bad at this level)

Gallopera split/solo
Himes*( Hime Split + solo)
Wyvern Party
Peak of the big nest with a F/P( all you do is HS and leech)*
Black Crow Partys( You mob the himes while the attackers kill Black Crow(Tengu))


Okay, this is where it gets fun ;]

Level 120-13x
Himes split*
Try to split a dark kentarus map with another bishop and spam genesis.(decent exp)

Note: you can skele once you have level 1 genesis. Although its not recommended, the exp is still VERY good. Please make sure you can 100% 3 hit the skeles and that you have a Drk (Sharp eyes and Maple warrior helps ALOT) and also you can start to make lots of maplestory mesos, my co worker use level 120 bishop make around 5 Mil meso per day, instead of buying mesos for maplestory, he saved $50 per month, wow, this is awesome, isn't it?

Level 130-140+
Hime split( not suggested since the exp is MUCH slower)

At 14x most bishops can 2 hit skeles unless your going the level 1 genesis build.
Its recommended you train at skeles as soon as you can 2 hit skeles 100% of the time.

Other training spots

Blue Wyverns
You need: An Arch Mage(F/P) That can 2 hit blue wyverns. You will also need to be able to 2 HIT blue wyverns.
Split the map and simply use Meto and genesis.
From what my friend told me you get 6mil exp an hour here.

Red Wyverns
You need: a Arch Mage(I/L) that can 2 hit red wyverns. You will also need to 2 HIT red wyverns.
Its the same concept, just split and AoE.
This exp is slightly less then Blue Wyverns

Blue and Red Wyverns
You will need: a Leafre: Crossroads map(the one with red and blue wyverns...duh)
You will need a bishop training partner that can 2 hit the wyverns
Same concept, split the map and AoE away.

Now i heard rumors about grims being good exp as a bishop. Turns out they arent, i was VERY disapointed(EXP wasnt that good...5-6% an hour @-@).
You need: To have at LEAST level 1 bahamut and genesis.
What you do: 1) Spam heal and SR the platforms with bahamut
2) Mob the grims on the bottom and use genesis
I decided to put this in here for the heck of it and also because its decent exp during x2

Dark Cornian's
I heard this was a training spot in other versions of MS but im not sure about the exp.
You need: a Leafre: Burning Forest map, 1 other bishop or Arch mage that can 2 hit Dark Cornians, and you need to 2 hit the dark cornians as well.
I suggest that the bishop take the bottom if you have an I/L with you, the I/L can freeze the three platforms on top while you spam the bottom using the snipping spot.
If your with a F/P then the bishop should take the top due to the less amount of MP genesis consumes(You'll get hit alot).
mesos making now becomes more easier, if you are enough tough, you can make around 80 M mesos per day, and this is not joke, my friend jim could collect 100M mesos, he even sell 1bil mesos to buying maplestory mesos sites, such as gamerluck, gzp forum.

Cleric and Priests

Jr Cellions, Jr Grupins, and Jr Lioners

This place is pretty good exp if your 2x-4x, and it has amazing drops and meso to top it off.
I would recommend comming here at around 28 or so.
They drop around 100 meso.

Jr Cellion Drops:
60% scroll for claw attack
Magic rocks
Maple Claw(during events)

Jr Lioner Drops:
Scroll for bow attack(60%)
Magic rocks
Summoning rocks

Jr Grupin Drops:
Scroll for cape INT(60%)
Scroll for wand attack(60%)
Kumbi Throwing Stars
Magic rocks

Sakura Cellions

Sakura Cellions are both a blessing and a curse. Sakuras drop about 300-400 meso per kill, and they're a KS battle ground.
I recommend comming here as soon as you can 2-3 hit these.(if someone kses you, then just loot they're drops ;))

Sakura cellions drop: Scroll for Cape for DEX (100%), Scroll for Cape for STR (100%), Scroll for One-Handed Sword for ATT (10%), Magic Rocks

Jr Pepes
These have a pretty good spawn and have a few snipping spots.
I would start comming here once your 3x and have level 1 teleport.

80-120 meso per drop
Magic Rocks
Scroll for Staff for Magic Att. (60%)
Fish Spear
Circle Winded Staff(For some reason, wizards/clerics always try to get their hands on these)

Zombie Lupins:
Z Lupins are fantastic exp of your 4x. They drop 100-150 meso as well as cursed dolls.
curse dolls can be sold for 200-400 meso each :]
I recommend comming here at level 40.

Platoon Chronos
Great spawn and its also good exp at 4x.

116-174 meso per drop
Scroll for Gloves for ATK 60%
Esther Shield


Pretty flat map and its SR friendly :D

166-174 meso per drop
Scroll for Gloves for ATK 60%
Nimble Wristguard


I only recommend comming here if you have lvl 1 SR

140-210 meso per drop, so you can see you may collect 5 Mil per day, the more mesos you pickup, the more you will have, don't be lasy. Scroll for Gloves for ATK 60%
Summoning Rocks

Straw Target Dummies(STD's haha F3)
Great spawn and meso. However, theres ALOT of ksers. I recommend only going here if you have at LEAST level 1 SR or if your a godly lukless and 2 hit them.

208-312 meso per drop
Scroll for Overall for DEX 60%

Jr. Yetis

I recommend comming here once you have lvl 1 SR.

200-300 meso per drop
Scroll for Gloves for ATK 60%
Red Whip
Jr. Yeti's Skin(these ar used for exchange quests and can be sold in the FM)

Samiho(foxes at KFT)
Its best to come here if you have Holy arrow or shinning ray

268-402 mesos per drop
Scroll for Staff for M.ATK 60%
Scroll for Wand for M.ATK 60%
Holy Spear

Coolie Zombies

Must i say more?xD

273- 408 mesos per drop
Black Book
Contract of Darkness
Dark Seraphis
Zombie's Lost Tooth(what coolies are famous for!:D can be sold for 200-400 meso each!)

Skeleton Soldier

A PERFECT alternative to coolies, and they'res less people.

272-408 meso per drop
Scroll for Gloves for ATK 60%
Scroll for Overall for DEX 60%
Scroll for Staff for M.ATK 60%
Scroll for Wand for M.ATK 60%
Dark Seraphis

Soul Teddies
HUGE MAP! great exp and drops!:3

328-492 meso per drop, you may make 10Million maplestory mesos per day by this progress.
Scroll for Cape for LUK 60%
Scroll for Gloves for ATK 60%
Scroll for Staff for M.ATK 10%
Dark Anakamoon (M)
Dark Identity
Sapphire Gigantic



Bishops usually let people leech off them for pots and meso. Here are some other ways to get money.

Since genesis uses quite a bit of mp, here are some places where you can get some gold.

Sky Nest 2

This map layout is PERFECT for genesis(please visit the genesis snipping guide provided in the "Guides that may help you" section)
They drop Steelys, Dark Scarabs, and glove attack scrolls

Note: You can charge people meso/pots to leech off you in this map(Levels 7x-8x get the most out of the exp)

Wolf Spiders

Do I have to write about this...?
Genesis friendly and they drop illbies as well as scarabs. :D

Note: This place is AMAZING leech exp for people level 75-8x. You can charge people meso to leech off you here.

Dark, Red, and Blue Kentarus
All of these monsters drop decent meso and have pretty good drops.
Dark Emperor
Red Craven
Dark Enigma Shoes
Gold Arund
Scroll for Wand for Magic attack (60%)
Blood Emperor
Gold Double Knife
Gold Double Knife
Fire Arund
(please visit the genesis snipping guide provided in the "Guides that may help you" section)


These guys are genesis friendly and drop pretty good meso as well Claw attack 60% and Maple Skanda(during the events).
Also, the exp isn't that bad for money training.

You guessed it, you can train people for meso here to while you look for drops.

Dual Ghost Pirates

The "Unbalanced Time" map is actually pretty good for genesis and you can also train hermits, saders, or whoever here for meso while your looking for some drops.

Duals drop pretty good meso and they also drop:

Note: You don't need to genesis the bottom of this map, there is a snipping spot in which you can use to spam heal.

The map "Mu Lung: Territory of the wandering panda" is some-what genesis friendly, but SR + Bahamut works just as good.

Drops: Steelys~

My friend trained here when his account was hacked, he said that steelys dropped every 2-4 hours.
(Credit for pandas go to ruben :D)

Note: i CANNOT stress this enough. If you are going to go to these places to earn some cash, try to find someone who wants to leech off you, you can get a lot of mesos from the drops, and from the buyer.
currently sell maplestory mesos cheaply, buying maplestory mesos on gamerluck is a good choice, and you can sell your own maplestory meso to gamerluck, they offer good price to mesos buying.

by the way, for bishop maplestory account, they offer $90 + for level 13X bishop accounts, if you have maplestory bishop accounts for sell, i recommed you only sell mapelstory account to for best quote, some of my friends have sold 55+ accounts to, always best service and best quotes!

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