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NEWS :: Maplestory Dual Blade Leveling Guide2010-11-24

This guide will be from level 44-60 Dual blade,  I have been playing maplestory for over 4 years, and I want to share my playing experience with you, so this guide comes, anyway, I need to tell you, all leveling up requires you spend your time on maple world, if you feel boring to train your maple character, I suggest you can buy maplestory powerleveling service on, also you can buy maplestory mesos on to start your leveling up. Here let's start:

[Use this leveling guide if you want to PQ your way to 60 insted of souly grinding]

 Level 44(your current level) - Level51: CPQ


Around level 44 you should be hitting high enough to beat the rombots in 2-4 hits. If your opp team complies with you and max summons Rombots, then you'll be getting % really quickly. Also, try team up with a low level so you can solo (more exp for you).

[Pros: Really good Exp, Fun to party/solo, great for funding because you can't use your personal hp/mp pots.]

[Cons: Can get boring after time.]


Level44-53: Pyramid PQ


Really good exp after you beat, plus you can easily get the top rank, S because the monsters have about 1 hp. 

[Pros: Amazing Exp after complete, easy to acheive highest rank, reward at the end with a chance for scrolls as bad as they may be.]

[Cons: Very very...boring, waste alot of mp/hp pot. ]

Level 51 - 60: CPQ2 or OPQ(I can't remember if they still do orbis PQ due to it's low pop, anyways check that up it up on the internet or ask someone if it's still on)


CPQ 2, the starting monsters arn't very strong 1-2 hits should do it, plus it gives a good amount of exp, same for orbis really however orbis rewards less exp than CPQ 2 so CPQ 2 is what I'd recommend.

[Pros: Great exp,Great on funding, fun.]

[Cons: People may not complie with your needs etc, other teams may force quit the game]

 Follow this guide if you wish to grind rather than PQ it to 60:

 Level 44 - 50: Truckers

why?  they give around 0.03 which is a good rate, they also have around 3k HP so they should go down in about 1-3 hits. Plus, spawn rate is pretty good, relative to other training areas. In addition, not many people grind there, so more than half of the time you should be free from ksing.

[Pros: Fun to grind on, great exp, good respawn rate]

[Cons: they deal a good amount of damage so it can be costly.]

 [If you don't want to train on truckers then take a look at the alternative:]

Level 44-52: Primitive boars

Why?: Primitive boars are quiet strong with around 4.5k hp, however they give alot of exp for example, I was level 45 and I was getting 0.04-05 exp. So, they're really good.

[Pros: Amazing Exp, Amazing Spawnrate, low risk of being ksed, great source of money]

[Cons: High hp, deal high damage so it can be costly.]

52-55- Golems.


They're a great source of exp and money, they have low hp and can be taken out with a few hits.

[Pros: Great exp, Good money, Low HP, Very slow, rare chance of being ksed.]

[Cons: Not what I can think of.]

55-60- Singapore, the last map before the boat map. [Pac pinky and the other monsters there]


Great Exp with a amazing spawn rate, however they have 5k HP and deal good amount of damage.

[Pros: Great Exp, Amazing Spawn rate]

[Cons: Quiet costly cause they deal a good amount of damage, high HP-5k]

Hope this guide works,good luck.

Very Very Cheap Maplestory Power leveling

- The GamerLuck Team -

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