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NEWS :: Maplestory Guide: Bowman Boss introduction2011-01-28

Here they are, listed in order of level for easy finding. Remember, any extra tips and/or suggestions are appreciated!
This is one of the two monsters in MS that an archer is actually capable of missing, due to its high avoid. This boss does between 1500~1700 on touch damage, and considerably less on it's earthquake which is 600~1000. thanks to gamerluck's powerleveler to provide us the excellent guide, the more good guide will be upload on, everyone just focuse on our site. and if you want tobuy maplestory mesos, gamerluck will always be your best choice:). Alright, now let's start the boss description.





^Crimson Balrog (Crog)

This boss attacks in pairs on the ship ride between Victoria Island and Orbis (both ways). Crimson Balrogs spawn at about 2 minutes into the ride or else not at all. Sometimes, their ship will appear but the crogs will not ?I have no clue what triggers this.
The Crimson Balrog is indeed more powerful than the Jr. Balrog. Its touch damage is a bit stronger (over
2,000 a touch) and almost double the damage with its Magic Attacks (over 4000!).

Level Recommended: 80+
Level of Boss: 100
KB value: 5000
HP Required: 2200+(AR strategy), 4000+(tanking strategy)
Boss HP: 100,000
EXP: 3500
Notable Drops: Hwabi Throwing Stars

Notes: These guys are a pain; while other classes can solo with ease at around level 100, weare stuck using ineffective and horridly slow measures if we want to kill that early. Most archers just run inside the ship when the boat starts. If you are crog hunting and they don’t spawn early (about 60s) into the ride, simply relog and you will be back where you started instead of wasting more time on the boat.

• AR strategy: stand inside a rog, and use AR until it dies. You WILL be taking constant 2k+ damages from this, although it sure beats the 4k!
• Tanking strategy: just stand on the flat part of the sailis beams, and wait till the rog is within your firing arc. Once it is, hold strafe/hurricane until it dies, which is only a couple of seconds.

Here is a
video of another method, this one involving strafe+puppet combo. This method might take a bit of time, but as long as you are careful, you will be able to prevent yourself getting hit.

His attacks are capable of hitting multiple targets. These include your puppet, and then you.





^Captain Latanica




This ghost sailor boss can be found on the last map of the Ghost Ship in





^Headless Horseman (HH)

The easier of the two bosses of the PhantomForest, he can be found at Hallowed Grave, the three Crossroads, Creeping Evil, Forgotten Path, and Evil Dead. HH at lower levels is VERY good practice for fighting the higher end mobile bosses like Anego or Black Crow. Snipers, Rangers, and Marksmen ?remember that you have a 100 attack limit and then you have to move before you can attack again. He also has no HP bar.

Crossroads and Creeping Evil are the 2 easier maps for this boss, since Crossroads only has a few Cursed Trees to get in your way and Creeping Evil only Cursed Trees and Leprechauns, so he is easiest to pin in those maps. Hidden Evil is almost identical to Creeping Evil, except it only has 1 Leprechaun spawn and a couple Jr. Wraiths to get in your way. Hallowed Ground has plenty of Jr. Wraiths to get in the way, but a quick mob attack can clear them out. Evil Dead is the toughest map for HH! Not only do Elder Wraiths spawn in large mobs there, but Big Foot does as well, making this map a tougher one to manage HH in. Evil Dead shouldn’t have anyone below level 120 there, as Dragon Breath and max Puppet is pretty much a necessity to keep the wraiths off you while you focus on the boss.

Spawn Time: 6 hours
Level Recommended: 90+
Level of Boss: 101
KB value: 1500
HP Required: Any (See Description)
Boss HP: 3,500,000
EXP: 300,000
Notable Drops: Dark Arund, Casters, Magicodar

Notes: If youare good enough to not get hit, this boss is a joke. His attack range is tiny, and by the time you can fight him you have at least level 1 puppet. I haven’t determined how he attacks yet, whether itis counted as a physical or magic attack with his sword slash. Either way, the sword slash and head throw both deal around 2800~3000, pending what equipment you are wearing.

HH is FAST, so if you don’t have the hp requirement to tank a hit, you
better be able to puppet well or use the mobs in the map to avoid hhis attacks. On a side note, if you encounter HH at Forgotten Path, you can simply snipe him, just watch for Bigfoot spawning (both spawn in the same spot, along the bottom)!











This giant Griffon can be found at Griffey's


Forest in Leafre. Spawns with Kents that can get in your way.

Spawn Time: 2 hours
Level Recommended: 130+ (solo), 120+ (partied)
Level of Boss: 105
KB value: 5000
HP Required: 3600+
Boss HP: 3,700,000
EXP: 13,500
Notable Drops: Overall 60% Luk/Dex/Int

Notes: Griffey is a dispel ho. Puppet works well for incapacitating him, just be sure to throw it behind you as opposed to in front. Watch for moles on the ground, because they stun you (or your DK, lethal when combined with a dispel). Griffey also possesses a 1/1 attack.











This red dragon boss can be found at Manon's


Forest in Leafre. Similar to Griffey, this boss spawns with Kents and similar stats.

Spawn Time: 2 hours
Level Recommended: 130+ (solo), 120+ (partied)
Level of Boss: 105
KB value: 5000
HP Required: 3600+
Boss HP: 3,700,000
EXP: 13,500
Notable Drops: Spear 60%, Bow 60%, 2h Sword 60%, Xbow 60%, Phoenix 30, Pinaka

Notes: Essentially the same fight as Griffey, except that Manon tends to use dispel less (and conversely, uses 1/1 and his normal attack more). Watch for moles on the ground. Manon is hunted far more frequently due to his Quest item Manon's Cry, which is needed for entrance to Horntail. Manon's drops are also worth something, more than Griffey can say for himself!





^Big Foot (BF)

The harder of the two bosses of the PhantomForest, this boss can be found at all five Twisted Path maps, Forgotten Path, Evil Rising, and Evil Dead. This boss is not easy for the ill prepared, and certainly not easy for marksmen. Keep your distance, and never forget about puppet!

Spawn Time: 24 hours
Level Recommended: 100+ (partied), 120+ (solo)
Level of Boss: 110
KB value: 2000
HP Required: Any (See Description)
Boss HP: 32,000,000
EXP: 2,660,000
Notable Drops: Big Foot's Toe

Notes: He
is rather run you over than use his attack, which supposedly does around 4k. This boss is able to jump, keep this in mind when fighting him in Forgotten Path, and watch for HH spawning. Fighting two snipeable bosses at once is easy in theory, harder in practice. Do not stand on the platforms above BF in Forgotten Path, as now even his hair and his lollipop string are lethal... I know we're frail, but it's still ridiculous that a piece of string will do over 2x our normal hp.

Despite its low KB rate, it is actually hard to pin down for most due to its missing hitboxes and there is no map where it spawns alone without any other mobile monsters to get in your way. Evil Dead is particularily hard for this reason - instead of the weak jr. wraiths, you get stuck with elder wraiths, and the possibility of fighting HH too!

Both BMis and MMis will have some difficulty until they can do minimum 2k damage per arrow ?this is roughly equivalent of having a 2500 minimum damage on your stat page before warrior elixir.
BoatQuayTown. White Essence is required to enter the map, and you can only enter the map 2 times per day.
Summoned By: Dropping a White Essence in the center door of the room.
Level Recommended: 100+(party), 140+(solo)
Level of Boss: 100
KB value: 10,000
HP Required: 4000+
Boss HP: 2,000,000
EXP: 210,000
Notable Drops: Cape Luk 60%, Cape Dex 60%, Cape Str 60%, Cape Int 60%

Notes: This boss deals around 4k damage, so HyperBody is pretty essential for lower levels. Heis pretty quick and can cast some status effects on you, but he is unable to physically touch you if you are on either of the upper platforms. He heals himself often and quickly, so his
2m hp is more like 2.3m
or more depending on how fast you can kill him.
Solo, this guy is a joke. Sniping, and 4th job skills just tear this boss apart. Shouldn’t take more than a minute to take him down.

It's possible to solo him by standing inside and casting arrow rain. However, this will be a pot burn for no reason. His attacks are roughly the strength of a Crimson Balrog - around 2k touch, and 4k magic.

He is capable of casting status effects like weakness on you.

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