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NEWS :: New training areas after maplestory big bang2011-01-23

Hey guys, jimmy here just to introduce you to the Big Bang Revamp that'll be coming in a few months or so! this guide made by me and my friends Tracy, Grace, Andrew, and gamerluck's power levelers, well, What this guide basically tells you are, where to train, what level to train them at, and also this guide has a chart of the monsters level, hp, exp, and weaknesses! Also information about Accuracy :P

From 1 to level 66 training, i don't think there is necessary to introduce you guys where to train, and i believe most of players know how to train for 1 to 66 leveling up, what i m going to tell you is training areas after level 60+. anyway, i will start from level 51.

51-66 ~ At level 49, I was at teddies in Ludi. I thought the EXP was fantastic, although the spawn was fairly sporadic. This didn't effect me too much because I was playing a gunslinger and I could just snipe them from far away (let me just say... SLINGERS POST-BB ARE BEAST! With clean equips, I was doing an average of 2k damage per DS at around level 50! In GMS, I had 10att WG and a nice 76 att Canon, with a 20 dex bathrobe, I was barely hitting 2k on monsters at level 66. FML). So warriors and brawlers beware, you might have some trouble here. You may also head to Drakes in Sleepywood. You can't access the Sleepywood dungeon until you reach 50-51 (I'm not entirely sure), so don't QQ if you can't go in before those levels. Drakes are level 52, and they have a decent spawn, but the map is huge. -SHARING RECOMMENDED- The various drakes are all located in this dungeon, and as you progress further down, you will find that they increase in level in increments of two (52 -> 54 -> 56 -> 58 Dark Drakes). These Dark Drakes have their own mini-dungeon way down deep in the cave, and I loved training my Mechanic here. The teleporting robos are PERFECT for this map, along with Atomic Hammer <3 At level 57, you may also head to trojans if you have been training on teddies/pink teddies and are already in Ludi and you are too lazy to travel to Victoria Island again. The spawn is sexy and the leveling is easy. At level 61, I headed to Robos in Ludi. The spawn is decent, and you quickly learn the fastest way to traverse the map. Easy peasy. Red Robos (I don't know the actual name) are a good transition at level 63, and I stayed here all the way to 70!

66-? ~ My Outlaw only made it to level 78 (I had to quit for personal reasons), so I will only go that high. No flaming, please. At 66, you may want to head to Leben Mine (make sure you pay your 100k to get the hat that allows access to the mine) and initiate the quest with the lady with orangeish/blondish hair. She will tell you to kill 99 puppets, which you can reach by entering the cave entrance right beside her. The cave where these puppets spawn is a sort of mini-dungeon, where you have 10 minutes to kill them freely and then you will be booted back to the map with the quest-giver. You can easily just re-enter the map when you are kicked out, though. The only problem with this tactic is that these puppets were nerfed in a recent patch. They used to give over 500 EXP per kill and only had about ~15000-16000 HP. That is some SERIOUS EXP at level 66. Now they only give around ~350 or so, making other areas a more viable option since puppets don't drop ANY items and it sort of becomes a hassle to keep re-entering the map. **EDIT: To continue entering the map with puppets, you MUST NOT complete or abandon the quest that you get from the woman to kill the puppets! You have to have this quest in your quest list to continue being able to use the mini-dungeon-esque area with puppets. Another good option for level 66 is Mateons in Omega Sector. When you hit 69, you can easily transition to Plateons just a few maps over. GREAT spawn and some sexy EXP to be gained.

~~~Around level 81, I think characters with serious mobbing power can head to Sand Rats in Ariant. I'm not entirely sure what level they are, but it is the best spot around for these levels. From there, you can progress to areas in Magatia and so on, so forth. I'll figure out these spots when BB hits GMS! :D

As always, I hope this helps anyone who is looking forward to the Big Bang patch when it comes to GMS. I know I am! (Let's just hope they get all of these bugs and glitches taken care of, like my TWO OUT OF THREE ACCOUNTS BEING BANNED UNFAIRLY! GRRRAWR~!)
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