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NEWS :: Runescape Ancient effigies have started to show up2013-11-06

Ancient effigies have started to show up.They feed on the knowledge you have from certain non combat skills.Will you feed them, and help them gain knowledge RS Gold,while also helping yourself to a decent reward?

Getting Started
Stages of effigies
Skills Required:
Skills Recommended:
At least 91+ in non combat skills.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Anything that could boost your level to reach the required levels to feed the Ancient effigies.
Items Recommended:
Starting Point:
Monster drop (Starved ancient effigy).
To Start:
Investigate the Starved ancient effigy to start the chain of knowledge.
Getting Started:
To start, you will need to receive a Starved ancient effigy as a drop from a monster. The higher the monster's level, the more likely it is to drop one. Once you receive one, you can investigate it to figure out what skills as needed to feed the effigy to make it grow into the next stage.

Stages of effigies:
An ancient effigy has four possible stages. For it to grow into the next stage, you will have to have one of the two required levels to feed it. You may use items to boost your level to reach that level, or you may have someone assist you to reach it. After you feed the Gorged ancient effigy, it will crumble to dust and you will receive a Dragonkin lamp. Below are the four stages of an effigy:

Starved ancient effigy
91 in either of the 2 skills it requires
Nourished ancient effigy
93 in either of the 2 skills it requires
Sated ancient effigy
95 in either of the 2 skills it requires
Gorged ancient effigy
97 in either of the 2 skills it requires
Alternatively, if you don't have the levels and can't find a someone to help you out, you can go to the Varrock Museum, and trade the Ancient effigy to Historian minas for an experience lamp.

An effigy will ask you to provide it with knowledge of one of two possible skills. You may pick either, and the skill you choose will be the one you earn experience in. Different skills will be required for each stage of the effigy. The skills required will always come in the same pairs (e.g. Farming will always be paired with Fishing, and Cooking with Firemaking, etc.). A complete list of the pairs is provided below:

Crafting and Agility
Construction and Thieving
Cooking and Firemaking
Farming and Fishing
Fletching and Woodcutting
Herblore and Hunter
Smithing and Mining
Runecrafting and Summoning
Starved ancient effigy: 15k experience in the skill you choose to feed it.
Nourished ancient effigy: 20k experience in the skill you choose to feed it.
Sated ancient effigy: 25k experience in the skill you choose to feed it.
Gorged ancient effigy: 30k experience in the skill you choose to feed it as well as a Dragonkin lamp, which gives experience in any skill.The formula is roughly as follows: Skill Level^3/20.2
For example: 99^3/20.2 = approx. 48,034 experience.

This Distraction/Diversion Guide was written by Ralkal, Scott, Jakesterwars. Thanks to Maddest Mumm, Ludo, and Mr Tudjay for corrections.
This Distraction/Diversion Guide was entered into the database on Thu, Jun 17, 2010, at 03:42:20 AM by Scott, and it was last updated on Mon, Apr 15, 2013, at 05:52:49 PM by Javezz.

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