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NEWS :: Runescape News - Jadinko Lai - 12-Jul-20112011-07-12

On Karamja, a druid with a scholarly glint in his eye and an adventurer who’s seen it all are investigating a newly emergent strain of violent, mutated jadinkos. Underground, the beleaguered Jadinko Queen fights for the future of her brood. The living environment of the lair, symbiotic with the Queen and serving for both defence and reproduction, has also begun to mutate and to turn against her. The lair is in turmoil, and the Queen cries out for help.

Follow the Jade Vine to the north of Papa Mambo’s Herblore Habitat to find Dotmatrix and Maverick, and the entrance to the Jadinko Lair; a new, high-level skilling and combat area that offers tremendous opportunities to players looking to train their Firemaking, Fletching, Woodcutting, Combat and Slayer, either alone or in co-operation with friends. Performing tasks within the lair will increase your favour with the jadinkos, who will reward you with fruit imbued with beneficial properties, seeds and juju teleport bags. Finally, fortunate combatants will have the chance to obtain a special vine which can be used to upgrade their abyssal whip.

The Jadinko Lair is a great new place for high-levelled players to train their skills in a dynamic environment. Full details are given in the Manual. While there are no skill requirements to enter the Jadinko Lair, the skilling tasks therein require at least the following levels:

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