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  • Runescape Chompy Bird Hunting 2013-11-08

    Chompy birds are a delicacy loved by the Ogre race and make for some entertaining hunting. They are fun to hunt down but runescape require some strategy and reflexes

  • Runescape Ancient effigies have started to show up 2013-11-06

    To start, you will need to receive a Starved ancient effigy as a drop from a monster. The higher the monster's level, the more likely it is to drop one

  • Runescape skilling reworks runefest talk 2013-11-05

    Houses will be displayed in a similar way to farming patches where you only see your own houses in the plots you own and either your friends or random Runescape players houses in the remaining plots

  • Runescape Behind the Scenes - Nov 2013 2013-11-04

    This month we'll be adding a brand new way of tracking the important daily, weekly and monthly Distractions and Diversions all over RuneScape

  • Runescape Roof Top Agility 2013-11-01

    The winner of the runescape Player Designed Content competition was Bigredjapan with his idea called Roof-leaping: Agility reborn

  • Runescape player Made Content 2013-10-30

    What we want to receive from this is a truly strong piece of content that the community feels invested in and enjoys runescape playing.But this can be so much more

  • Feedback on the runescape nis 2013-10-27

    One of my characters is a skiller, on that particular Runescape Accounts I have no interest in using the action bar, even though it has a couple of skilling related uses, I'd rather skill the old fashioned way, please allow us an option to toggle the acti

  • Newish runescape players opinion on pre 2013-10-25

    The other thing I think is it's going to be really demotivating to be essentially lapped by people in my clan or others in the game. It's not that I only care about how I compare to others, but some part of me HAS to to actually enjoy the runescape game

  • You encouraged this runescape bonding 2013-10-23

    The Grand Exchange is the worst update ever because you wanted to combat RWT, but the bots and Runescape Gold farmers are smarter than that and weave around you easily

  • Treevolution runescape Bonus XP FAQ 2013-10-21

    Elder tree: They're currently dying due to the worlds energy being messed up. We are fixing it with divination but the elder trees feed from the energy and the disturbance is causing them harm

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