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NEWS :: Runescape Rise of the Six FAQ2013-11-17

Q: Why do the pets require so much energy? At the moment, each pet is worth 500m and that just seems too much to pay.
Mod Chris L: We rested on that value as we wanted to have something that was "rarer" but still obtainable. To buy the pets will cost runescape gold,but you can always opt to interact with the content and acquire your own energy for the cost of the supplies to complete the encounter. Remember when people get smoother at kills energy will likely flow quicker.
That said, we plan to lower the amount required to 250 today.

Q: Will there ever be more soloable boss content in the future? Many players prefer soloable bosses than team bosses.
Mod Timbo: We know that there is a desire to have more soloable PvM content out there and we have been providing some in the past couple of years. The Queen Black Dragon, the Legion bosses from the Monastery of Ascension and most new Slayer additions we make are adding to the considerable amount of solo PvM content that RuneScape has.

Q: Why are there no malevolent boots or gloves? If the boots and gloves are released another way, that creates problems: they might be harder or easier to obtain, they won't degrade in the same way or their graphics clash with malevolent armour.
Mod Chris L: The items released with this update were the only slots designed for this content. The design team has plans for how and what content introduces the "missing" slots via other means - such as Slayer monsters or skill updates.

Q: Could we get Barrows boots and gloves from regular Barrows? We have been lacking level 70 tank boots/gloves for months now after GWD gear was made offensive.
Mod Timbo: We'd love to fill out all of the gaps that we have in the armour tiers and level 70 tank boots and gloves are certainly on that list. I can't make any promises on this specifically but it's something that is on our radar for future updates (and perhaps future polls).

Q: Do you plan to graphically update the Barrows Brothers in regular Barrows? Their equipment still hasn't been updated to resemble the equipment players wear, and Torag still wields his non-existent warhammers.
Mod Chris L: There are no plans to update the barrows brothers graphics at this time however I'll pass it on to see if they can spare a moment!

Q: Could we have the option to change the look of the Barrows equipment we use to match the equipment Barrows Brothers wear in Rise of the Six?
Mod Chris L: Funky idea, I'll pass it on.

Q: Why is Akrisae not included in the high-level Barrows?
Mod Chris L: We decided to not include Akrisae at an early stage given he wasn't one of the "original" brothers that Sliske took control of. With the new mechanics and 6 brothers already fighting we didn't want to bias one side of the fight too.

Q: The new barrows bobblehead pets are really cute-looking! Can you explain why there isn't a bobblehead Akrisae pet?
Mod Chris L: They certainly are cute! Akrisae doesn't feature in the Rise of the Six content so we decided not to make the bobblehead as well. I have a sneaky idea for the bobblehead but we'll see what the future holds if we get a bit of time to fit it in, no promises!

Q: Why does the Vengeful kiteshield look much less intimidating than the other two shields? The shield looks like a leather shield with Torag's helmet slapped in front of it.
Mod Chris L: I can't really comment on the style, the Graphics guys wanted them to look like they could all be the same tier and visibly different enough to represent the class.

Q: Why is there a portal to the Shadow Realm when it is parallel to Gielinor and we just need ghostly robes and a ring of visibility to enter?
Mod Timbo: Why do we have portals to Varrock and Falador in our player-owned houses? It's just a gateway to the Shadow Realm in the same way that we have gateways to existing places within our own world. I would also hazard a guess that Sliske is trying to make out that the Shadow Realm is a little more grander than we'd like to think.

Q: Is there any backstory for the 'new' Barrows Brothers?
Mod Timbo: There is a backstory to the new Brothers, we didn't want to closely associate high-level PvM with story however as it could be argued that they're different groups of players.

Sliske has been experimenting with the souls of the original Brothers, torturing and disfiguring their souls by infusing them with energy from the Shadow Realm. Akrisae wasn't suitable for this experimentation due to not being an actual relative to the others, it's the bond of family that is enhancing their combat abilities whilst working together.

Q: Will the recently released Barrows amulet work on the upgraded Brothers? If so, what effect will it have?
Mod Chris L: The barrows amulet works on the original barrows content to skip killing a brother. You can also obtain tradeable versions from this content to use on the original barrows (or sell to players trying to get totems).

Q: Do the Barrow Brothers drop any new lore book?
Mod Timbo: There is no lore book associated with the new boss, as we said earlier we didn't want to mix the lines between difficult PvM and lore too much. The story will be explained in future content (although not specifically a quest for the Barrows Brothers).

Q: Some months ago you said we would know soon if Sliske is actually a god or not. Does this update address this point?
Mod Chris L: No, keep following quests and World Events for that answer. He certain has more power to play with though...

Q: Will the "degrade to 0" mechanic be used with other Tier 90 items like boots and gloves or is it for helm, plate and leg slots only?
Mod Timbo: Boots and gloves from tier 90 onwards will also degrade to dust just like Tectonic, Sirenic and the new Malevolent.

Q: Will we ever be seeing high-level gear that is non-degradable?
Mod Timbo: It's unlikely that we will be looking to release high level armour or weapons that never degrade at all but never say never.

Other FAQs

Q: How come Brassica says he likes roasting cabbages when he was angry at Saradomin for scorching the ones at Edgeville Monastery?
Mod Raven: Saradomin didn't so much roast as explode the cabbages, this would be more of a quick sauté than a roasting, meaning that whilst the outer edges would be tasty, the inner flesh would be raw, leading to unsatisfactory culinary experiences. Dragonkin fire, by contrast, would have thoroughly roasted the cabbage, meaning that it would be as delicious as could be.

Q: Why are the wardsmen and guard dogs still present?
Mod Raven: The dogs are trained to protect Lumbridge and will remain even though there is no war. The wardsmen are hanging around just in case, after all you never know if Lumbridge is truly safe.

Q: Is Nex (partially) a Drakewing? They seem to share certain characteristics.
Mod Tom: The Drakewing isn’t intended to plug directly into the lore, it’s just supposed to look like an awesome red dragon dude.

Q: Brassica Prime is a sentient cabbage. Is this a result of his ascension, or are all cabbages sentient?
Mod Raven: It might be more accurate to say that Brassica Prime is able to operate on the same wavelength as animal matter, whereas most cabbages only operate on a purely plant-based level. His ascension allowed him a greater awareness of both the plant world and the animal world.

Q: Brassica Prime says, "Deliciousness is power!" Is this an indication that his philosophy is teleological?
Mod Raven: I'm not sure whether he sees deliciousness as a philosophy, so much as an immutable law of reality. After all most vegetables and fruits want to be eaten, to spread their seeds around, so the more delicious you are the higher your chance of propagation. That said, whilst certainly there are elements of the teleological arguments, I don't think the ends entirely justify the means in Brassica Prime's worldview and there are some lines he definitely won't cross.

Q: Even though Brassica Prime believes that the "fleshy giants" (i.e., the other gods) were there to see him, none of them even acknowledged his presence. Do the other young gods even know or care that he is a god?
Mod Raven: I think they acknowledge his existence, but find it difficult to take a cabbage with a superiority complex seriously.

Q: Brassica Prime was unacknowledged by the other gods. Why, then, did Sliske believe that he was an important god to invite over, say, Elidinis or Marimbo, who are of the same runescape powerleveling level and better documented?
Mod Raven: This may in part be a joke on Sliske's part, he is a bit of a trickster after all.

Q: How do the new Solomon outfits that change the character's physical form (Deathless Regent, and Drakewing) fit into the game's lore?
Mod Tom: We just wanted stuff that looked really cool, mostly. Experimenting with the different ways we can change the way the player looks.

Q: Will we see the original colour of Deathless Regent gloves fixed?
Mod Tom: I assume this is a bug. I'll pass it onto the team.

Q: Why were the brightest white/darkest black removed from the shoe/clothing options?
Mod Tom: Not specifically aware of this. Another for the team.

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