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Runescape Whip Vine Guide, How to get Whip vine in the Jadin...

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The Whip Vine Came to Runescape on 12-July-2011, it is an item dropped in the Jadinko Lair. When attached to the Abyssal whip, it creates the Abyssal Vine Whip, which provides a bonus to the stats of the weapon and also gives it a chance to inflict poison damage. The whip vine will add +4 to the Slash Attack Bonus and +2 to the Strength Bonus of a whip. It was released on 12 July 2011. It was 25,000,000 GP (25m) in the Grand Exchange on the day of its release (July 12th, 2011).

It is dropped by the Mutated Jadinko guard and the Mutated Jadinko male, who require a Slayer level of 86 and 91 to kill, respectively.


On Karamja, a druid with a scholarly glint in his eye and an adventurer who’s seen it all are investigating a newly emergent strain of violent, mutated jadinkos. Underground, the beleaguered Jadinko Queen fights for the future of her brood. The living environment of the lair, symbiotic with the Queen and serving for both defence and reproduction, has also begun to mutate and to turn against her. The lair is in turmoil, and the Queen cries out for help.

Follow the Jade Vine to the north of Papa Mambo’s Herblore Habitat to find Dotmatrix and Maverick, and the entrance to the Jadinko Lair; a new, high-level skilling and combat area that offers tremendous opportunities to players looking to train their Firemaking, Fletching, Woodcutting, Combat and Slayer, either alone or in co-operation with friends. Performing tasks within the lair will increase your favour with the jadinkos, who will reward you with fruit imbued with beneficial properties, seeds and juju teleport bags. Finally, fortunate combatants will have the chance to obtain a special vine which can be used to upgrade their abyssal whip.

The Jadinko Lair is a great new place for high-levelled players to train their skills in a dynamic environment. While there are no skill requirements to enter the Jadinko Lair, the skilling tasks therein require at least the following levels:

Fletching – Level 83
Level 83
Level 83
– Level 80

Enemies range from level 90 to level 201

The Jadinko Lair

Papa Mambo's Jade Vine holds a little secret...

Above ground, everything seems peaceful. Jadinkos thrive in this very particular ecosystem, coming in all shapes, sizes and colours. But there is something different about some of the jadinkos seen in the area, something...worrying.

Off the entrance to Papa Mambo's vine, on the other side of the river, is an old, worried-looking druid. Exploring the area based on a suggestion from his good colleague, Astlayrix, Dotmatrix found a jadinko unlike any the druid had ever seen before. This jadinko looked disturbingly morphed, as if something had gone very wrong with its development. The poor thing snapped at the druid and almost had his leg off! After getting himself the help of the seasoned Maverick to keep the jadinkos at bay, Dotmatrix began to explore the cave to see if he could find the answer to the jadinkos...

Location of the Jadinko Lair

The Jadinko Lair is located east of Shilo Village. The lair itself can be accessed through a hole in the cave roof.

[image] Shilo Village [image] Lair main entrance
[image] Lair secret exit    




Points of Interest
Points of interest
[image] Mutated jadinko babies [image] Mutated jadinko guards
[image] Mutated jadinko males [image] Jadinko eggs
[image] Offering stone [image] Dry patches

The cyan areas are where you can find jade roots. The purple areas are where the mutated roots can be found.






Dotmatrix is a druid who, while taking a break from his study of the Jade Vine, discovered the lair. He can tell you about his discoveries.
Maverick is a seasoned adventurer who has been recruited by Dotmatrix to help with exploring the lair. He can offer you practical advice on how to handle the flora and fauna within the cave.

Both Dotmatrix and Maverick can be found outside the Jadinko Lair, near the entrance.


There are no quests to start within the Jadinko Lair.

The Lair's Inhabitants


Jadinko baby

Newborn jadinkos. Their role is to bring food back to the queen from the surface. Baby jadinkos can often be seen using the curling Jade Vine roots to reach the surface and turn into the jadinkos you can see in the Herblore Habitat.

Baby jadinkos can be found in the south-west corner of the lair.

Jadinko guard

The weaker males of the jadinko species, unsuitable for fertilising the jadinko eggs, find themselves with the task of protecting their queen.

Jadinko guards surround their queen in the southern part of the lair.

Jadinko male

Charged with tending to the queen and fertilising her eggs in order to further the species.

As with jadinko guards, the males can be found to the south.

Jadinko Queen

The largest of all jadinkos, the queen is linked directly to the Jade Vine. She lays eggs to continue the colony.

Recently, the queen has been laying a great many bad eggs, which have grown into mutated babies with an aggressive attitude towards non-mutated jadinkos.

The Queen can be found in the south of the Jadinko Lair.


Mutated jadinko baby (Level 90)

The mutated babies are not as cute as their jadinko counterparts, and certainly not as friendly. They're just about tall enough to give you a nasty nip to the knees.

80 [Image: Slayer]

Can be freely killed; however, they will generate no Slayer XP unless you have the appropriate task.

Mutated jadinko babies are found in the western room of the lair: the first cave you encounter.

Mutated jadinko guard (Level 145)

The mutated guards no longer protect their queen, in fact, they have taken it upon themselves to try to cause her harm.

86 [Image: Slayer]

Can be freely killed; however, they will generate no Slayer XP unless you have the appropriate task.

The mutated guards can be found in the northern cave section.

Mutated jadinko male (Level 201)

Mutated males attack their non-mutated brethren without pause.

91 [Image: Slayer]

Can be freely killed; however, they will generate no Slayer XP unless you have the appropriate task.

Mutated male jadinkos are in the eastern part of the lair.

Both the mutated guards and the mutated males have a chance to drop a special vine that you can use to enhance an abyssal whip. The vine itself can be traded, but will not be when it is combined with the whip to make the abyssal vine whip. You can, of course, remove the vine from the whip at any time.


Throughout the Jadinko Lair the roots of the Jade Vine spill from the ceiling. These roots are normally harmless, serving as a way for baby jadinkos to reach the surface, but some have become mutated and harmful to the jadinkos. Others seem to be under the control of the mutated jadinkos.

Cutting any root will not only aid the Jadinko Queen and her children, but can provide other benefits for Firemaking and Fletching. If you help the jadinkos, they will reward your efforts by placing items on the offering stone (marked white on this map).

Cutting the roots once will stop them from attacking you; cutting them a second time will allow you to harvest them to gain a vine.

There are three types of vine:

  • Curly vine - Used for starting fires in dry patches
  • Straight vine - When dried over fires, these can be fletched
  • Mutated vine - Can be attached to fletched straight roots to make sagaies, or attached to excrescences to make bolas

Beware that the mutated roots will not take kindly to being cut down, and they will retaliate.

Making use of the dry patches

The corridors between the rooms with mutated creatures and the Queen's room are used as a barrier between the peaceful queen and the mutated jadinkos. To stop mutated jadinkos coming in, there are areas where root fires can be lit. The lair itself is a dank and dark place where groundwater spills from the cave sides. This makes finding a place to light a fire difficult, but, as the corridors are made of non-porous bedrock, the ground there is usually dry.

The dry areas (marked as orange on this map) can be filled with curly vines and then lit using a tinderbox or a straight vine that has been hardened on a fire.

These firepits can be re-fuelled with more curly vines while they are burning. You will gain the same amount of Firemaking XP if you start a fire or replenish a fire.

This task requires level 83 in Firemaking.


When you have lit a fire you can use the heat to harden any straight vines that you have cut from the Jade Vine. You can fletch these hardened vines into sagaie shafts.

To complete a sagaie weapon, you will need to attach mutated vines to the shafts.

You'll need 83 Fletching to make sagaie shafts.

Mutated vines can also be combined with 2 excrescences (from killing mutated jadinkos) to create bolas. You'll need 87 Fletching to make bolas.

Items and Drops

Helping healthy jadinkos by slaying mutated jadinkos, refuelling fires or cutting mutated roots will result in offerings being made by the jadinkos. The jadinkos will deposit their offerings, at the offering table (the white dot) near the queen, for you to take.

Note that fruit taken outside of the Jade Vine areas will turn to common fruit and will not offer the beneficial side effects. Also fruit cannot be traded with other players.

Fruit Side Effect
Common Fruit [image] None
Shadow Fruit [image] Decreases chances to be hit by enemies by 2% for 1 min.
Igneous Fruit [image] Soaks 2% of damage taken for 1 min.
Cannibal Fruit [image] Increases chances of hitting by 2% for 1 min.
Aquatic Fruit [image] Doubles favour from fuelling fires for 1 min.
Amphibious Fruit [image] Doubles favour points from cutting mutated roots for 1 min.
Carrion Fruit [image] Doubles mutated vine drops from mutated jadinkos for 1 min.
Diseased Fruit [image] Doubles excrescence drops from mutated jadinkos for 1 min.
Camouflaged Fruit [image] Prevents you from being hit by roots for 1 min.
Draconic Fruit [image] Increases max hit by 2% for 1 min.
Saradomin Fruit [image] Recharges up to 10 prayer points.
Guthix Fruit [image] Recharges up to 10 prayer points.
Zamorak Fruit [image] Recharges up to 10 prayer points.
You may also receive seeds to plant in farming patches, or juju teleport bags which return you to the Jadinko Lair, or the Herblore Habitat.