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NEWS :: Runescape skilling reworks runefest talk2013-11-05

At Runefest there was an Insider Session called "Ideas for the Future". The first part of the session was from Mod Jack who talked of skilling reworks for Summoning, Contruction, Mining, Smithing and Agility.

This thread will outline what he told us. However remember this is not guaranteed to happen. This is what Jagex intends to do currenty but does not mean this will be the end result.


Instead of having rooms of a fixed size on a grid we would be able to make rooms of various size and shapes and place furniture where we wanted it within a plot. Walls, furniture, skilling equipment. This allows you much more freedom when designing your house.

Want to take the houses out from a pocket dimension and bring them into the world. There will be plots scattered throughout the world. There would be around 20 of them and you would be able to own and build on 5 or 6 of these.

Houses will be displayed in a similar way to farming patches where you only see your own houses in the plots you own and either your friends or random Runescape Accounts players houses in the remaining plots.

Instead of training by destroying and creating furniture Jagex intends for you to build entire houses and gain xp by doing that. The way it would work is an NPC would want a house built by you and would give you certain specifications and you would have to build that house for them in one of the plots and then you'd sell the house to the NPC.


Jagex wanted summoning out with the Evolution of Combat. They want it to be viable as a high level combat skill though it is not only a combat skill.

Training summoning would not just be about making pouches but using the familiars themselves.

As you use the familiars to train your summoning skill they themselves would level up and become more useful. The idea with that is to give more choice in which familiar you use at certain levels.

They want to diversift the familiars so you are not just using the same familiar for everything even if it is the highest level familiar it would be better in different situations.


Jagex want to remove run energy as it doesn't add anything to the game. They cannot get rid of run energy until they replace run energy with something better.

Ideas they are looking at to replace run energy are things like your agility would speed up your make-x for example and speed up how fast you go through your inventory in some way. Perhaps by working like Varrock armour while smithing. Either that or speeding up your teleports though there are thematic challenges to overcome there.

Both these ideas keep the main benefit of run energy which is that it speeds up skilling but is a bad mechanic overall and one they want to remove.

Want more things like shortcuts, areas and dungeoneering resource dungeons where there are things around the world that you can make use of or get some form of reward for etc. With 99 agility for example you may be able to climb the Grand Exchange to show off.

As for the training they want to make it less repetitive and more varied but will not force a more varied training method.

Mining and Smithing

A level squash is wanted to make the levels of mining and smithing make more sense so you are using those skills at the same levels you would be using the equipment made by those skills at.

After the squash new tiers of metals would be added in. As you cannot make dragon itself you would be working with the metal itself and use the techniques they used to make something similar to dragon.

In the 70s they intend for equipment infused with god energies to be uncovered. The metal will be called Necronium. You find this rusted equipment, do some smithing and they become as powerful as barrows.

Smithing has the problem of producing far too many items to be used. You will therefore be able to improve your smithing by combining 2 iron swords for example to make a +1 ironsword up to a maximum of +5 which would be called a masterwork. Each level should give you around 1 masterwork which would be useful.

To avoid rendering drops useless they will start at the +5 level but will be able to be combined by smiths with masterwork items to make even better items. This keeps both combat drops and smithing valuable.

In mining the squashing would be the same. They want to do away with drop mining by placing more deposits for mining. The skill would be rebalanced to take this into account as would smithing.

Want to add a variety of pickaxes to make mining more strategic where you pick where to mine and what pickaxe to use. However they will not change the nature of the skill.

As new tiers won't be added immediately they want to find a way to reward high level miners and smithers until they are added. They have not worked out what this is yet.

If this works well it would be used as a model to rework other skills.

There was also some lore talk about the God Wars and RS Gold energies and battlefields being infused by those energies and then those being found in the sixth age and the Dragonkin creating dragon equipment long ago but using their techniques.

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