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NEWS :: Take care of your osrs account. always set two-step auth for your register email. Jagex customer support is great.2019-06-13

"My account, Jar of Swamp, was hacked today. I haven’t been able to successfully recover it yet but I’m assuming the 2.3B bank is gone. The account had an Authenticator active and the email linked to the account was also two-step authenticated. It seems like the hacker knew my login email and was able to recover the account from the recovery page and completely bypass the authenticator and the authenticated email address linked to it. I couldn’t have made the account more secure than it was. I don’t have a single email in ANY of the email addresses I have linked to the account alerting me of a recovery attempt. Enough is enough, Jagex. You literally handed my account over to the hacker without any checks or failsafes. What’s the point of an authenticator? I’d like a moderator to reply because at this point I know I won’t get my items back but I demand answers. I know they don’t care about my $11 and whether or not I continue playing but this is so infuriating."

this person reported his account got hacked on reddit. 

I did not think jagex would care about this. but in fact, jagex customer support did a lot of things to this.

"I've secured the account for you. I can see that you've submitted a recovery for it and this should be granted in a short while by our support mods.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the email that you had registered on the account is not as secure as you had hoped. The hijacker used this email to recover your account (rather than going through the manual recovery system). I recommend taking some time to secure your email and/or create a new one that is not affiliated with anything other than your OSRS account. I'd also recommend checking the email on a website such as haveibeenpwned, to try and identify how it was leaked.

I've begun the process of tracking any wealth that was taken from the account. I'll ban any hijacking/real world trading accounts that have received or sold the wealth. I have also made the anti-hijacking team aware of your account so they can fully investigate the person responsible for the hijacking."

replied by Jagex_wealth.


its touching. 

Hope this guy would learnt a lesson and take care of his account in the future. 


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  • mike 2020-06-23

    most efficient and most trustworthy site.

  • kubin2020-05-20

    done great training jobs for me. thanks

  • Ohan2020-04-29

    great service for powerleveling. I bought maxed melee powerleveling service. they get it done in 5 weeks. great job. tyvm

  • Seth2020-04-20

    Have received multiple accounts with them. Their guarantee of no recovery is 110% honest! Will continue my business with Gamerluck and ONLY Gamerluck!

  • randy b2020-04-15

    totally legit company! i ordered numerous times to get osrs gold, they are quick and 24/7 chat service!