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NEWS :: The Way of a Hybrid Assassin2011-01-10

The Way of a Hybrid Assassin
1. Intro

This guide is to help anyone who chooses to become a throwing rogue and then
an assassin. The way the skills and stats are setup is my personal
experience and wisdom as a current assassin. The Hybrid Assassin is a mix
between a Speed Sin setup and a Power Sin. This creates a diverse character
that is both speedy and powerful by level 40, instead of level 50. NOTE:

2. Rolling
Starting Off When you roll the dice, sit there and click until you achieve
STR: 4, DEX: #, INT: 4, LUK: #
If you cannot get 4/4 and keep getting 5/4 or 4/5 take it if has 5 in STR if
you are lazy. Once there, click ok to start your journey. You have now entered the
tutorial stages of Maple Island. Have fun, jump around, keep the mirror and
sell it later. As you level put your Ability points into DEX until it is at
25. From now on, put all the rest of your Ability points into LUK.

At level 10 your stats should look like this if you rolled a 4/4:
STR: 4, DEX: 25, INT: 4, LUK: 37

Now you can become a thief! Congratulations! Head on over to South Perry,
fly on the ship, and talk to the guy in the booth. Tell him you want to go
to Kerning. Once at Kerning, go into the Fusion Bar by the taxi. Go and talk
to the Dark Lord and you will become a thief.

Since you are now a thief, you will now have a new way to put your Ability
Points (AP)
Level 11 - +5 LUK
Level 12 - +5 LUK
Level 13 - +5 LUK
Level 14 - +5 DEX
Level 15 - +5 DEX

Repeat this way of adding AP every 5 levels until level 40. During all progress, you would not need to spend lots of maplestory mesos, and I think 5 to 10 Million maplestory mesos is enough for training, if you feel hard to collect maplestory mesos, I suggest you can buy maplestory mesos on

3. Rogue Skills and Setup

Now let’s take a look at the Skill you have as a Thief.

Nimble Body [Master Level: 20]
Increases accuracy and avoid ability.

Keen Eyes [Master Level: 8] [Requires Level 3 Nimble Body]
Increases the range of attack using throwing weapons such as throwing stars
& knives.

Disorder [Master Level: 20]
Temporarily decreases the weapon defense and attack of an enemy?

Dark Sight [Master Level: 20] [Requires Level 3 Disorder]
Use MP to hide behind the shadows. Can't be attacked and can't attack

Double Stab [Master Level: 20]
Use MP to quickly stab a monster twice at once with a dagger.

Lucky Seven [Master Level: 20]
Use MP to throw two throwing stars and apply damage based on LUK, regardless
of the rate of javelin mastery.

Skill Point Allocation

10 - Lucky Seven (1)
11 - Nimble Body (3)
12 - Keen Eyes (3)
13 - Keen Eyes (6)
14 - Keen Eyes (8) [Maxed], Lucky Seven (2)
15 - Lucky Seven (5)
16 - Lucky Seven (8)
17 - Lucky Seven (10), Save (1)
18 - Save (4)
19 - Save (7)
20 - Lucky Seven (20) [Maxed]
21 - Nimble Body (6)
22 - Nimble Body (9)
23 - Nimble Body (12)
24 - Nimble Body (15)
25 - Nimble Body (18)
26 - Nimble Body (20) [Maxed], Disorder (1)
27 - Disorder (3), Dark Sight (1)
28 - Dark Sight (4)
29 - Dark Sight (7)
30 - Dark Sight (10)

At this time your stats should be:

Nimble Body (20) [Maxed]
Keen Eyes (8) [Maxed]
Disorder (3)
Dark Sight (10)
Lucky Seven (20) [Maxed]

STR: 4
DEX: 60
INT: 4
LUK: 97

Head back to Thieves' Hideaway once you've reached Level 30, which is
located at the cafe in Kerning City. Go inside, talk to Dark Lord. He'll
give you a letter and you've to pass it to the job advancement instructor
near Kerning City. After giving the letter, you'll be given an errand to
collect 30 Dark Marbles by defeating the monsters inside. Be careful to
stock your potions up before you start collecting the 30 Dark Marbles.
Once you've collected 30 Dark Marbles, talk to the instructor, and he'll
award you with a Proof of a Hero. Go back to Kerning City Thieves' Hideaway,
and talk to Dark Lord once again, where then you'll advance as the Assassin.

During this part, you would not need to spend any maplestory mesos, or maplestory nx cash, easily to go through of it.

4. Hybrid Assassin Skills and Setup

This next section is the new unique Hybrid Assassin, not to be confused with
Once you reach level 40 your system of AP placement changes to adding % LUK
for 4 levels and then 1 level of adding 5 DEX.

This way of building makes it so you are stronger sooner, yet still meet
your item requirements.
After level 40 place your AP like so:
Level 46 - +5 LUK
Level 47 - +5 LUK
Level 48 - +5 LUK
Level 49 - +5 LUK
Level 50 - +5 DEX

Let’s Look at our New Skills shall we?

Claw Mastery [Master Level: 20]
Increases the mastery of throwing stars and accuracy, along with the maximum
number of throwing stars to recharge. It only applies when the character is
throwing stars.

Critical Throw [Master Level: 30]
Enables the character to make a critical attack with throwing stars on a
certain success rate.

Endure [Master Level: 20]
Additional recovery for both HP and MP even while hanging still on a rope or
a ladder. The higher the level, the faster the recovery time, along with
recovering additional amounts of both MP and HP.

Claw Booster [Master Level: 20]
Use HP and MP to temporarily boost up the attacking speed of the claw. It
only applies when the character is equipped with a claw throwing stars.

Haste [Master Level: 20]
Temporarily improves the speed and jumping ability of every member of the

Drain [Master Level: 30]
Absorb some of the damage dished out to the enemy as HP. The most one can
absorb at once is the character's MaxHP / 2, and can't absorb more than the
MaxHP of the enemy.

If you have enough maplestory mesos and nx cash card, you can buy some awesome equipment on free market place, combine with your now skill stats, they make your character be perfect

Hybrid Build

30 - Haste (1)
31 - Haste (4)
32 - Haste (7)
33 - Haste (10)
34 - Claw Mastery (3)
35 - Critical Throw (3)
36 - Critical Throw (6)
37 - Critical Throw (9)
38 - Critical Throw (12)
39 - Critical Throw (15)
40 - Critical Throw (18)
41 - Critical Throw (21)
42 - Critical Throw (24)
43 - Critical Throw (27)
44 - Critical Throw (30) [Maxed]
45 - Claw Mastery (5), Claw Booster (1)
46 - Claw Booster (4)
47 - Claw Booster (6), Save (1)
48 - Save (4)
49 - Save (7)
50 - Haste (20) [Maxed]
51 - Claw Mastery (8)
52 - Claw Mastery (11)
53 - Claw Mastery (14)
54 - Claw Mastery (17)
55 - Claw Mastery (20) [Maxed]
56 - Claw Booster (9)
57 - Claw Booster (12)
58 - Claw Booster (15)
59 - Claw Booster (18)
60 - Endure (3)
61 - Drain (3)
62 - Drain (6)
63 - Drain (9)
64 - Drain (12)
65 - Drain (15)
66 - Drain (18)
67 - Drain (21)
68 - Drain (24)
69 - Drain (27)
70 - Drain (30) [Maxed]

At this time your stats should be:

Claw Mastery (20) [Maxed]
Critical Throw (30) [Maxed]
Endure (3)
Claw Booster (18)
Haste (20) [Maxed]
Drain (30) [Maxed]

STR: 4
DEX: 110
INT: 4
LUK: 24

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