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NEWS :: This year's Christmas event and something about high risk runescape PvP worlds2013-11-19


It's been a busy few weeks what with the PvP Worlds launch, Halloween update and RuneFest! But we're back on track and ready to deliver even more of the updates that matter to you.
With poll 13 looming, we're going to focus our time on the next big update the community have frequently asked us for; upgraded &updated Slayer. We're also going to look into relaunching the Christmas event from 2006, with an added twist and follow up on some feedback regarding high risk wilderness and PvP worlds.

Slayer Upgrades
We might as well start with the big one! After all, we've been asked this enough so to put it at the bottom of this dev blog would only stall what you wanted to hear even longer... and we're not that mean!
Since the launch of Old School RuneScape, one of the most requested updates suggested to us was the Smoking Kills quest. If anyone doesn't know what that is, Smoking Kills was a quest launched in 2008 that introduced a new slayer master, Sumona, a new slayer monster cave (or well..), the ability to skip or permanently block tasks with points rewarded from completing slayer tasks and most notably, the Slayer Helmet.

We've been talking with you about slayer and in particular Smoking Kills for quite a long time and we believe that what you really want is the rewards from the quest rather than the quest itself. This is great news for us as making a quest is a long, difficult and time consuming task in Old School. So, giving you the rewards is exactly what we are going to offer to do.

Question: Shall we include the point system from the Smoking Kills quest?

Aside from the rewards from Smoking Kills, we've looked into the possibility of cooperative slayer, an update launched in June 2012. This would allow for two players to participate together on the same slayer assignment. To initiate a cooperative slayer task, you would invite a player who has the same task as you via the slayer gem or simply ask your chosen slayer master to give your cooperative group the same task. For each kill you or your cooperative partner do, the number of monsters left to kill decreases. XP is rewarded per kill per player, so if your cooperative partner killed a monster, they would get the experience and not you. Rewards points are split depending on who killed the most monsters. We've also looked into new runescape items such as the leafbladed sword, broad tip bolts, slayer ring, broad arrow heads and the famous Slayer Helm. The Slayer Helm would function in exactly the same way as it did when it first came out, acting as a black mask, facemask, earmuffs, nose peg and spiny helmet all-in-1. We will also allow for it to be imbued through Nightmare Zone in the same way you can imbue a Black Mask. Unfortunately, we're unable to import the old model for the Slayer helm. Instead, we have been experimenting with the possibility of alternatives and creating the existing one from scratch. As none of us are graphics modelers, we're somewhat restricted in ability but we're calling on favours from other members of the development team and it might just be possible for us to build the old slayer helm ready for launch!

New areas are something we'd look to introduce as well. We're big fans of the Chaos Tunnels as well as Kuradel's slayer cave. What we'd hope to do is create a new environment specifically for slayers. We like that both the Chaos Tunnels and Kuradel's cave segregated monster's by species meaning you could kill Greater demons without pesky wild dogs interrupting combat. We also realise that there is some tension between those killing their assigned task amongst those camping that monster for their drops so we're going to run with the effects Kuradel's slayer cave had and only allow monsters to be attacked if they're your assigned target.

Question: Should we introduce a new slayer dungeon with segregated slayer monsters which you can only attack if you have them as an assignment?

What would new areas be without new monsters and bosses and a new slayer master to assign them? Yes, we want to offer new slayer monsters and bosses to represent them, something that was also introduced with the original Smoking Kills quest. We envisioned these new additions would be the next high level slayer monsters requiring between 80-99 slayer to kill. We're unsure yet of what these monsters would be but some of the most common requests have been Strykewyrms and we're keen to deliver something similar of the sort.

Question: Should we introduce two new slayer monsters which can be attacked if you have a slayer level of 80+?

Queston: If we introduce two new slayer monsters, should we introduce two new boss variants of the slayer monsters?

We haven't stopped there though. We thought about something new that would bring a competitive and fresh challenging element to slayer; Time trial Slayer. This of course would be an optional challenge and not required of every task unless you selected to take part. Like most time trials, the sooner you finish the better you are rewarded so we're keen to explore the idea of awarding either additional XP or points to those who finish their tasks in good time. These rewards would scale with the existing XP rewarded by slayer monsters so the lowest XP you could possibly be awarded is the base XP the specific monster rewards you meaning you do not receive less if you finished slower than had you of not taken part in the time trial. We're not sure whether this option would be included on every slayer task or specific assignments as some slayer assignments obviously take a lot longer than others depending on what you were assigned to kill and how many.

Question: Should we introduce a time trial slayer mode which will reward players with additional XP if they complete their task within an allotted time period?

Another new idea we've been playing around with is allowing you to see how many of each slayer monster you have killed, ever. This would highlight how dedicated some players are to slayer by showing off their enormous kill counts.

Question: Would you like to see how many of each slayer monster you have ever killed?

Some smaller changes would include auto-killing specific NPCs, such as Gargoyles, with their required slayer tool. When a Gargoyle is red-barred, your hammer would automatically smash it relieving you of the pain of trying to right click it. In addition to this, we'll also look at increasing the amount of monsters you are assigned in specific tasks, such as Dark Beasts. We understand that not everyone likes to sit through a potential 2 hour task of 199 Dark Beasts so this feature you can buy with slayer points if you wanted a larger number leaving those who don't, free to kill the original number they were assigned. A few other suggestions have been to turn head drops into small slayer pets, a feature Soul Wars utilised when it was released. Whilst we won't poll this now, we're keen to get your feedback on any additional pets!

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