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NEWS :: WE2 runescape problems solutions team2013-12-21

Here the list of the worst problems in descending order that need the solutions I have proposed implemented immediately in order to save this world event from sucking like it already does.

1. Scaling failing.
Solution: Obviously remove scaling. Don't try and fix it with bad math and make it worse! it was a bad idea to start with in a level based heavily combat oriented MMO game. In fact while your at it, stop adding it to quest releases.

2. PVP Pile fest.
Solution: Make an option to allow for single or multi-combat options similar to wilderness.

Note: While I understand that a lot of mindless masses enjoy piling people which requires no skill or effort at all to simply dominate (much like the people who seem to enjoy clicking on an object and watching a movie instead of engaging in the game because there is nothing to engage in..) I and many others; prefer to actually play this game and engage in the content. As is though in runescape there is currently NO SAFE 1 vs 1 PVP at all! With the only exception of the duel arena which is sooo dull after you have fought all ten people hanging out there. This world event I thought was going to be the PERFECT way to implement awesome free roam combat in the world. I was wrong. It can be different though!! MAKE COMBAT FUN!

3. Big ass score board banner.

Solution: Add option to remove the freaking score bar between bandos and Armadyl.
Seriously, it feels like I can barely see my character any more with all the cluster on the screen we don't need more! Remove it completely from in game or give us a hide option please.

4. Lack of shards.

Solution: Add more. Or.. you know? Drop the 1000 requirement to 100. Be reasonable to collectors.
EDIT: Seems the drop or collect rate for shards has dramatically improved im noticing. Good job Jamblex 3 more problems to fix.

1. Rewarding those that haven't put the effort into training their skills as hard as those with maxed combat skills is stupid and that is what scaling does. How anyone can justify this at all is beyond me.

Removing the scaling and keeping or increasing the level limits for kills to be included in statistics and scoreboards is a better and sound concept.

2. Piling is end of story and while I appreciate some people enjoy this aspect, some of us don't and this was and is the perfect way to introduce fun 1 vs 1 open world combat into the game.

I don't care about real wars, clan wars, fart wars or star wars. I am trying to get across that an introduction of 1 vs 1 finally into the game would have a MASSIVE positive and fun effect on the game for pvpers that want to fight safely. I feel this event was and still is PERFECT for the addition of this content.

3. Banner still has to be in game and its annoying and intrusive to me and a lot of other people. Simply moving is doesn't get rid of it.

4. I know I contradicted my self, I personally couldn't care less about the overrides and shard rates because I am not collecting them. I do how ever notice people upset about the rates of shards and I feel for them.. Its merely compassion on my be half.

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