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NEWS :: We2 runescape feedback2013-12-30

Overall, the second world event seems to be much better put together than the Battle of Lumbridge was. It's shorter, it has PvP, the votes are closer together and seem to make more of a difference, and many other things are improved.

That said, it's certainly not a perfect event. There are several things that can be improved, and if all of the changes in this thread were applied, the event would be much more fun for everyone, as well as better balanced.

Building Nodes

One of the biggest problems with this event is that building/destroying/repairing is simply way too slow. It takes way too long to actually be worth it most of the time - the only real use for it is to gain renown. It takes too long to actually be strategic. It's as if it's balanced to have 1k people working on a node at the same time...

Imagine a game of conquest in Battlefield that took 10 minutes to capture a node. Would that be fun? No, instead everyone would ignore the actual points and just kill eachother. Sound familiar? It's exactly what's happening in this event.

So, how should this change? First of all, it's important to understand that the current building speed is reasonable. It takes a while, but it can be dealt with.

The destroying/repairing speeds, however, are abysmal. What should happen is simple: the destroying speed should be half of the building speed, and the repairing speed should be a third of the building speed.

This makes it easy to build, but still harder to destroy, while at the same time making destroying a point actually have an effect. Also, repairing is currently absolutely pointless - it does almost nothing. This would also make repairing useful.

Another important change that needs to happen is to lift the cap on building speed. Currently, when you hit 30k renown your building/destroying/repairing speed seems to be roughly a third of what it was while you had energy left. As if it wasn't slow enough before, after capping your efforts hardly affect the buildings. Why should this be so? If I want to continue playing the event after I'm capped and I'm getting minimal rewards, why should my efforts be hampered? It just doesn't make sense, and once again removes any strategy linked to nodes whatsoever.

Nodes Cont.

An issue currently with nodes is that they give easy afk renown. That's not a problem in itself, however it encourages people to just afk them for their 30k renown per day. This in turn leads people to repair nodes, even if they're at 100% health already.

To fix this, there is one logical solution. If the node is at full hp it could simply not give renown for repairing. This could be done by preventing people from repairing or just by making it give no renown for repairing while at full hp.

This would force people to actually play the event, instead of just afking a node for 30k renown. At the very least, it would force people to afk different nodes.


Currently, you can cap at 30k renown per day, and then you're done.

There's a single way to get around this - by using alchemists. There is at least one fc that looks out for alchemists, and it's a decently effective way of gaining renown past the cap.

However, in all honesty it's a stupid mechanic. Why force people wanting extra rewards to hunt around for an extremely rare NPC random event? If I want to continue playing the event long after I've capped, why shouldn't I be able to get some minimal rewards?

What I think should happen is this: After reaching the 30k cap, all of your energy is used up. All actions that would previously award renown and experience will at this point award 1/5 of what they previously would. So, if I'm divining in a caravan, instead of getting 30 renown per action and 19 exp, I would instead get 6 renown and 3-4 exp.

This wouldn't be worthwhile to actually do the event for the rewards (lamps/experience) after the 30k is used up, but it would be a nice little extra for those of us who are going to do the event anyway. Also, it would allow people to actually continue doing the event instead of hunting for alchemists.

Rewards Cont.

One of the biggest complaints about the BoL that doesn't seem to have been addressed in this world event is the ability to get all of the rewards. Why should we have to switch sides to get all of the rewards?

There should be some kind of "smuggler" in the camps that offers the enemy's rewards for 150% of their cost. This would allow players who really want to support one god or the other to continue supporting them while still getting all of the rewards.

The cosmetic overrides would be droppable in the same way as the normal ones are. It makes sense anyway that the opposing side's NPCs would drop their own weapon pieces.

This could also be used as a balancing mechanic. If 1/2000 of the cost of each item the smuggler sold was added to the opposing god's score, that would bring the score of the two gods much closer. And we all know, we need something that would do that...

Note that the faction token and one of the titles would still be specific to the side - it would be impossible to get ALL of the rewards.


Currently you only get a skull for killing someone. If a chance at sacred metal was added to every enemy that drops a skull, it would encourage and reward PvP a bit more.

When someone leaves the PvP area, they should have to wait the full 6 seconds upon re-entry before PvP is enabled. Currently, people can hop back and forth over the line and keep attacking the second they come back in.

There are many issues with PvP, though they're almost all EoC issues in general. See my threads listed below for my runescape EoC feedback.

Caravans and Divination

This event is supposed to be about the caravans gathering divine energy, though it seems to have devolved into more of an afkfest for 30k renown by smacking a construction node. The largest reason for this is that the convoys are simply too rare.

If the convoys happened twice as often, then this wouldn't be such a big problem.

I know that their frequency will be increased as the event wears on, but even 6 convoys per hour could use a buff. Why not have multiple convoys up at once? It would add to the feeling that everything is hectic and they're fighting over the very world itself.

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