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What Boss would you like to kill in oldschool Runesacpe for ...

killing boss in oldschool runescape brings much profit, and rare drop, so here we organized some favorite bosses that osrs players like to kill for osrs gold making.

Let’s see what people say refer to the which boss to kill in osrs and why is that?


Oldschool runescape boss Why To kill
Scorpia decent loot with a not too rare drop rate, neat looking pet and risky to kill because it's located in the wilderness.
Mole easy to kill and the pet looks pretty nice imo
zulrah its very repetitive and not hard to kill.
Zularh and dags Dags more afk, do them as slayer task for fun
Zulrah and raids I really like saradomin too with vorkath being my third favorite
venenatis or zily got my 1st ever rare drop from zily(hilt) n remember doing venenatis with friends
Arma boss the pet looks dope as well
vorkath Great money and challenging for times if you use 1 tick blowpipe
KBD and Bandos Easy and fun. Really love the way zulrah looks and the pet but surprisingly I hate to boss zulrah. Too complicated.
venenatis, Jad and bandos Purely because they have the best looking pets ingame ''Need to do vorkath as that pet is beautiful!
Armadyl Decent loot and pretty chill. Also the pet looks so sexy.
KBD awesome pet
The demi-bosses from slayer Like the abyssal demon demi-boss.