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NEWS :: Where to buy N95 face masks? Gamerluck provides enough N95 masks to prevent virus(2019-nCoV)2020-03-17

Where can we buy N95 face masks is something everyone wants to know. The filtering efficiency of medical protective masks can reach more than 95%. Where can I buy N95 face masks and Can we buy N95 masks online? The answer is yes.

What is N95 face mask?


Medical n95 face masks, unlike ordinary medical surgical masks, have the highest protective performance among medical masks, so the price is relatively high. Regular medical N95 masks cost around $ 1.5 usd and are individually packaged to avoid secondary contamination. Generally, these masks need to be replaced after four to six hours. Of course, if they are worn incorrectly, they are not worn.

The N95 mask is one of nine anti-particulate masks certified by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health). "N" means unsuitable for oily particles (oil fume produced by cooking is oily particles, and droplets produced by people speaking or coughing are not oily); "95" means filtering under the detection conditions specified by the NIOSH standard The efficiency reaches 95%. N95 is not a specific product name. As long as the product meets the N95 standard and passes the NIOSH review, it can be called a "N95 mask".


Nowadays, N95 masks are hardly available in many European and American regions, so China is the country with the largest mask production capacity in the world. Now China's new corona virus has been basically controlled, and mask manufacturers have resumed production. We can buy enough N95 masks from China. Starting today, gamerluck will provide a sufficient number of N95 masks to customers around the world. We guarantee that these N95 masks are absolutely authentic and the prices are very fair. Click here to buy N95 Face Masks!


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