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NEWS :: Why Old School Runescape Still Popular in 2021?2021-09-24

In today's electronic technology field, the hardware update rate is getting faster and faster, and most products have only a short life cycle. But OSRS has always had many players keen on it

OSRS Introduction:

OSRS stands for Old School Runescape roleplay. OSRS is everything that is close to the original games that started the roleplaying business in US: Dungeons and Dragons first edition and derivates. Blinded by nostalgia, people claim that these games were really good, and try to recreate them. There is some arguing about the style of play, but most agree that it has an “everything goes” vibe. Meaning if you do not know how to put something into rules, just create a new rule!
Personally, i think that these games had a lot of design problems, as they were the first of their kind. Prototypes are always a bit clunky. Nevertheless, if people have fun with them, i am the last person to stop them playing.
The nostalgia in people's hearts is the most obvious reason. No matter how you praise the advantages of old games, you still like old games because of your nostalgia for the past. The 1980s and 1990s was the golden age of game development, and most players who like old games came into contact with the game in that era.(OSRS has also made a great contribution to Venezuela's economy. Many people have obtained good income through farming osrs gold.)
Although many old games do have excellent quality and have passed the test of time, it is undeniable that one of the important reasons we play retro games is to miss the past. Many people refuse to admit this, thinking it is a slander of the old game, but in fact it is unnecessary. As a normal person, sometimes feelings have to override other factors. It's like you need to face your first love experience bravely.