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NEWS :: Will Arena & Grand Exchange Tax Update Help OSRS Gold Value?2021-09-27

it was brought to our attention thatosres had quite the interesting leeds which shared some information relevantfor both runescape versions these topics being the removal of the dual arena &  economy-related changes and perhaps a getax and next coming to old school Runescape. Whenever you're ready grab your cup oftea sit back relax and enjoy
the first topic we're going to be talking about is the dual arena as modmeaver shared a comment on a postcovering a clip i'm about to show you onthe runescape 3 subreddit saying thatthey have plans in parallel with the oldschool team and they're also going to be now during this live stream they did mention that theyare going to be removing the dualarena in the long term but that longterm probably means a few years as forshort-term solutions they did mention astaking cap which they'll give moredetails on mid-october it was also saidthey want to work together with playersto make the best out of it and change itproperly i have no clue how they'regoing to make the replacement of thedual arena more engaging without thestaking aspect. But we'll have to wait and see regarding twhat maud meva said about sharingdetails about potential changes to theldoolarene on runescape 3 well i don'tsee that happening anytime sooner than on old school so it's going to be mid-october or later if you're wonderingabout my opinion on the dual arena ithink it should be removed as it has no. so place in runescape it only contributesto more robo trading scamming andgambling addictions or worse if youincrease the difficulty of people.
The second topic is about GE TAX, what if you had a GE TAX, everything transaction on the GE, small amount of osrs gold is taken from of it. imagine jagex makes this humongous part of gold, when you come and sell say abyssal whip, we buy that from our part of jagex gold and delete the whip from the game. you still sell it and you get your gold, but the whip is gone. so that's kind of the concept there is a lot of complications to that numbers wise how much do you tax? do you target specific items, and more questsions to answer but that's kind of the core concept try and tackle some of this.
Future OSRS Gold Value
We believe after all these update, osrs gold will no sinks any more, That's why recently players buy osrs gold frequently for stocking, they do believe the investment will give a good payback.