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Gamerluck offer the most secure 2007 Runescape Accounts For Sale, we are the only site that understand runescape players, perhaps our runescape accounts price is not the lowest, but gamerluck know what people really need, for someone who only consider price to buy Cheap OSRS accounts, we suggest you would rather spend reasonable money to buy a safe account rather then buy a cheap but that isn't safe. And Gamerluck provide secure OldSchool runescape accounts for sale. We guarantee if one account got hacked, a new one will be replaced. What's more, we would lower the price as much as possible, so that more people could spend less money to buy accounts. We deserve your trust, and gamerluck will show you how a real No.1 Runescape accounts store running.


1, Please change the password after you get the account information to enhance account security.
2, We never recover runescape account, if your account got hacked, we will help you to get the account back for free.
3, Do not mention to anybody about buying runescape account when playing runescape, do not share account with anyone.
4, If you feel no interest to play the account, you can sell it back, we will buy account with half price you paid.

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1,How long can I get the OSRS Account once I paid?

Once you paid an order here, please contact us tru our customer service as soon as possible, our operator will arrange the account infomation delivery for you. Normally, it suppose to be like 10mins roughly that you can have the accounts' details.

2,Is this site legit ?

As the most trustworthy company of this high-risk market,we care about our reputation,It worthy more than any orders.If you got anything that need our help,you can contact our manager via email/Skype/Live chat,We will definitely help you out.so there is no risk to do business with us.There was not doubt we are a legit site.

3, If I were to buy an account, how can I be assured the account won't be recovered ?

Most of accounts were made by our gamers, we guarantee the accounts that were made by our gamer has no recovery back risk. And we only buy accounts from regular players who deserve well trusted.

4, Which accounts were trained by your gamers?

If you are worried about the accounts security, we suggest you to buy an account that were trained by our gamers. You can view the accounts highlights that we have put it on. If it has mentioned "trained by our own gamer, 100% no recover back." Then that is an account were made by your gamer, you don't need to worry about the recovery risk of it .

5, Does accounts still have membership ?

Most of accounts we are puting it on sale has no membership anymore.

6, How can I know the account won't be banned?

With over 9years of experience of selling rs accounts, your account won't be banned if your account has not been involved in serious rule breaking. We will bear all the losses if your account got banned in a day that we sold it to you.

7,Can you please tell me what's the account login/user before I buy it ?

In order to protect our account, we can't share any accounts information with others. But our operator is able to tell if its an email or an user for login.

8,Can I return the account if I don't like it ?

If you feel no interest to play the account, you can sell it back. We will buy the account back with half price you paid. You can contact our livechat service or email our account manager( andygamerluck@outlook.com) for selling it back.

9,Can you please reserve an account for me?

For reserving an account for our customer, its not a free service we will do.Customer has to pay 30% of the account first, we take it as a down payment.Once we received the money, we will take the account off. Customer has to pay the rest money in 2weeks. There is no refund if the customer is regret about the down payment.