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Welcome to Gamerluck "Sell account to us" Center. Anyone who has EOC accounts,Old School 2007 accounts, can make business with us, Gamerluck gives best quote to every seller for RS accounts selling.
For account selling, you can contact us thru email:

Here is the rule for selling accounts here:
We don't pay instantly, payment will be sent after account get buyer.(24 hours waiting after account sold)
If account has no buyer in a month, we still send payment. (if you sold us account on 1/Jan, you will receive payment on 1/Feb even no one buys your account)
Once you provided the account sell details, you are not allowed to cancel the sell. Please take serious considering before you sell the account.
You must guarantee account will not get recovered, And if that happens in the future, we will report the account to JAGEX, and we will file charge back via paypal and Bank, you will lose what you get from the accounts. As long as account is safe, everything would be okay.
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Dragon slayer II
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plz show your account old offense like this:
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